I had meant to catch up on my reading during my Indian vacation. Three months of vacation translates to endless hours of reading or so I thought! In the end, I ended up bringing all books, which friends and family so sweetly allowed me to borrow, back to the US.

Passion India by Javier Moro was one such which came highly recommended from my sister. The book recounts the story of a poor Spanish girl from Malaga, Anita Delgado, who catches the fancy of Rajah of Kapurthala. The book captures poignantly Anita’s incredible life – from her humble beginnings in Madrid to her luxurious and bittersweet life in India. Life comes back a full circle as she returns to Madrid after 18 long years in India. Her life and her experiences will not fail to strike a chord in your heart – I can assure you that.

As much as the book is about Anita, it is also about the story of yesteryear India. You get to feel the pulse of India when she was ruled by the British Raj and the Rajahs. You get to see in action how exactly the British made themselves seem superior, how they made the Princes/Rajahs curry for their favours, how the Rajahs ruled, the eccentricities of the Rajahs, their show of wealth, the freedom struggle – the list is endless. The part where India gains her Independence and all the little stories around it is just mesmerizing.

What I just loved about the book besides the Indian history, is the way human relationships are touched upon. The one between Anita and Dalima, her maid, shows solidarity among women which transcends a lot of boundaries. The bond between the Rajah and the Princess is rather special – 18 years between their births yet they share a beautiful bond which fights several ordeals.

It is under 500 pages and if you like human stories, this book is simply unputdownable! 🙂


2 Responses to “Passion India: The Story of Spanish Princess of Kapurthala”

  1. Ramesh said

    Happened to have read the book. I couldn’t relate to it as much as you have. Your review here is better :), but then that’s no surprise; the thoughtful train is a star writer.

    You had three months of vacation ????? Lucky you – didn’t S have something to say on that ??

    • TFT said

      You din’t like the story?? I felt it was pretty cool … Yep 3 glorious months of vacation! Sachin too was there for some time … rest of the he had business trips! 🙂

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