I have always wanted to write stories. But it is just difficult to write at length about an imaginary person. Anyhow, here is one  short story I fabricated  for you to garland or brickbat! 😀 Please feel free to let me know what you really think!


It always waited for her happy moments to taunt her – when she laughs out loud, while beholding something beautiful, listening to a joyous song or when indulging in delicious repast. It came to remind her of her fragility. She cannot survive alone even if her life depended on it – it said.

The happiness that she felt just a few seconds ago flies right out  before her very eyes. As though, they weren’t meant for her. Sadness settles comfotably on her soul. She goes quiet. It is a while before her group notices her sudden reticence. When they do, they ask “Whats wrong?” She murmurs, “Nothing.” They dig a little more, getting concerned. “Just leave me alone. It has nothing to do with you”, she snaps. They gasp at the unexpected meanness and back away. She regrets it immediately yet is too self absorbed to apologize.

She is by now shedding unseen tears. Such nights she lays awake, pitying herself, wishing things could have been better. Why her? Of all the people? She is seen as weak and dependent on others. She could have been someone famous, she could have been going places if not for her fragility. Such thoughts sends her hurtling downwards till she hits rock bottom. While she sits in the darkest of the pits, looking for somewhere to go, she realizes the only way out is up. She searches for inspiration and the wise old poet, John Milton’s God doth not need either man’s work or his own gifts: who best bear his mild yoke, they serve him best comes immediately to her fettered mind.

The quote sets her free. What she is going through is not easy, yet she takes it on and has kind words for all. Isn’t that something to be proud of? Doesn’t she do her best to wish everyone well, pray for the best for everyone, even for the people of the world? Another person in her shoes might have crumbled, yet she did not. Everyone has a price to pay and this is hers. Given sad moments suck but they make happy ones look happier, don’t they? She sees all the people in her life, the health and wealth blessed on them, the peace and prosperity in her little world. Her heart finds a new song to sing and with a smile playing on her lips, she enjoys her new train of thought till  she drifts into welcomed sleep.

She wakes up next morning and is treated to a glorious day. She thanks God for the little reminders He sends to value all that she has. And with that, she is back on her feet to face the demands of life.

PS: Those of you who liked the quote from John Milton, can see/listen more here. Now, about those feedbacks … 🙂