There, a Dear Deer!! :-)

August 27, 2009

Life’s little moments are not always perfect but they rarely fail to make you smile.

We recently caught a deer eyeing us from the bushes. She looked so cute with spots of her brown peeping through the gaps in the foliage that we decided to snap a picture. But the lady was in no mood to pose, she took to her heels literally with her tail (almost) between her legs!


The picture is all blurred but it is amusing nonetheless, no? Just like life’s little moments! 🙂

Have a good day folks!

PS: Thank you Appu, Shivya and Varun for the lovely awards! I have displayed them on the right side of the page for the world to see! 🙂


When the sky smiled …

June 24, 2009

Most of you would know how I love my long walks. I love it so much that I get cranky if the weather plays foul. Last evening the clouds began to gather to shoo us back into the house but I told Sachin – its okay,  it doesn’t look like rain clouds, lets carry on and all that. It was looking so awesome and we were clicking picture after pictures. Then the warning drops came and I was feeling so P#$$%^. It was all fine till the time we wanted to go, why now??  I was grumbling loudly and threatening the skies to withdraw the clouds soon. That is when I saw it –  the sky was smiling!


All my complaints trickled away with the sky’s smile  as with the  heavenly showerstorm that followed soon after. The sun’s rays reflected in a thousand little drops to create such an aura that you need to see it to cherish it! As the old story goes, somewhere a  fox got married! Such a day was not for indoors – Sachin and I decided. So we quickly got into our car to drive along the roads of New Jersey. We could barely see with the rain thundering down on us but it was all worth it. We happened to take few more pictures of the day and they are here.

I wish such beauty and the joythat it brings upon all my blogger friends. I hope more foxes get married so that us mortals are treated to such heavenly sights!

Please do write in with your thoughts. As always, I am waiting to see what you think.


PS: I have been given strict orders to give due credit for the lovely photograph. Okay so here it goes, my darling sweetpea Sachin took the above photo and all the others in the link. (except the orange sky in the link, he was driving then) 🙂

Most people find excuses not to exercise. Oh I have a headache, I m really tired, I will start from tomorrow and so on. Well none of that works for us. If your walking route is like a dream, what would stop you from going? Check it out. (All photos courtesy my sweetheart)


This is the pond on our walking route. It is not the only one, there are two more such beauties. Sachin and I walk for two hours and this is where we catch up with each others thoughts, ideas, kid each other, run together and basically have fun. These are the best two hours of my day.

We also meet this cute family who never fail to greet us as we walk past them. They see us off till we turn around the corner. Their little babies are a treat to watch, so playful and full of beans. Today we took the liberty of taking pictures of this lovely family so that I can show you guys how sweet they are. They were kind of shy though. They send their love for you all. 🙂


For those of  you looking out for human beings in the above photo, I was talking about the geese and their chicks. The chicks are really tiny fuzzballs and the geese are awfully camera shy!

Sachin also took a picture of the sky at its orange best. Here you go. (Can you believe this is at 8:30 pm?? We have daylight till almost 9:00 pm!)


Remember how I said my walk is like a dream earlier? It reminded me of something that happened 6 years ago. At the time, I was going for multimedia classes. Everyday I would walk down a little lane and turn left  to the bus stop to catch the bus that goes to the computer center. One day as usual I turned, but I reached London! Yes, you got that right, I said London. Boy, was I upset? Meant to go for class and here I am in a different country altogether! I find a phone booth, call my folks and tell them what happened. They show no surprise though, as though I have told them I am going to the market and they neednt bother to pick me up types! They tell me – no problem dear, just call your Peethukka (yes, the very same one that I spoke about here) I do the needful. She is very happy and said she will pick me up after work. Waiting for her I walk around, taking in the place and I see this beautiful pond. The whole feel of the place is still fresh in my mind. Overcast rain bearing clouds, a cool breeze, still waters, lush greenery. As I admire the beauty of it all, I hear a noise behind me. It was a guy. He asks me whether I am new to the place. I tell him yes. The he tells me I will show you around and grabs hold of my hand before I could get a word in! Claaaang! (The curtain rod fell, I swear I am not making it up!)  I wake up with a start and my heart thudding madly! Thank God – it was just a dream!! 😀 What did you think it was? Anyways it was a couple months after this dream that I met my love. Amma still teases me about how my dream was a sign of things to come!

On that note I sign off for today! Have a great time folks!