Little drops of rain on trees gladdening my tired heart.

Hungry bunnies chewing away, making me smile their way.

The sudden cackle of birds, taking me by surprise.

The little jump my tummy does,when a special one comes visiting my thoughts.

The fragrance of a simple repast, left lingering on my hands.

The love I see in my parent’s eyes, when they are thinking of me.

The calm in a sleeping person’s spirit relaxing my own worries.

Sweet thoughts of a tomorrow, making my time fly by so fast.

The easy laughter of content souls filling a home.

Those quiet moments when nothing is said but a lot understood.

Little things they are, little things they will be,

All it needs is a look and there it is laid out for me

The smidgen things which matter a mighty lot to me!


Rooting for Our Land…

August 14, 2009


It’s eve of the our Independance Day and here is my hearty Happy Independance Day wishes for my fellow Indians in India and all over the globe.

We have come a long way from the early days of our new found Independance. Yet the glory of the India that was before the British Rule is what we seek.

Let us make it a reason worth our season here:

To no longer have a soul on our land who does not have enough to eat, wear or live.

To destroy the elements of communal disharmony.

To spread the wealth.

To feel proud of our heritage.

To see good triumph over evil.

To feel the brotherhood.

To believe in ourselves, our fellow Indians and in our country.

To remember the songs of our land.

To root for our nationhood.

To honour our heroes.

To know here is where we come from and it is where we’ll go.

Jai Hind!

PS: For one of the most meaningful patriotic songs ever made in recent times, click here.

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Sleeping Child copy

Creating this post took me back to one of my all time favourite music – Sleeping Child by MLTR. Click here for the video and  the beautiful lyrics. I loved playing this song softly while I looked over my sister sleep back when we were kids. She definitely wasn’t a baby then but slept like one. 🙂

Having been recently gifted a Photoshop CS3 by my sweetheart, I P’shopped the original B/W pic (sourced from PhotoBucket) into the above.  The words in the picture are  inspired from our recent visit to see a newborn boy. 🙂

PS: Had totally forgotten about Friendship Day! I am so glad to have known you all. Here’s wishing our friendship grows with each passing day and gives us the joy, fun, strength and courage to deal with life’s mischief! 🙂 Happy Friendship Day!!

Finger Licking Good!!

July 20, 2009

Spice of Life

Something to look foward to,

Something to smile back on,

Something to cherish,

Something to let go,

Something to be proud of,

something to be embarassed about,

Something to laugh silly over,

Something to hide your tears,

Something goes on,

Something come to an abrupt end.

These somethings are spices in your life,

some sweet, some tangy, some hot , some bitter.

Whatever they may be,

It is what  makes life finger licking good!!

Black and white Pictures, Images and Photos

As kids, we were at constant battles with our mother. If it were not for the unflappable nature of our dad, he too would have been in the eye of our storms. It was tough to infuriate him. Notes from teachers, fights with other kids, spending money excessively – Nada! Nothing would provoke him. But with our mother, who had a quite a juggling job at home, and with us always getting in the way, she would get all flustered. Not to mention the fights between my sister and I. As I was thinking about all those times, I was inspired to write the below lines.

Mother and Daughters

Battles, tantrums, hassles;

these were our early years.

Peaceful times were so rare

With the mother daughters trio.

Over studies, over clothes,

over friends, over playtime,

over no reason sometimes,

Battles became a way of a life.

Ages passed since, cant do without each other;

be it talks of future, recipes or idle chatter,

each of us took a step closer

to be  more than mother daughter sister.

One of us took a baby step,

the other took a step forward

and a leap of faith by our mother

brought us all on to the same page.

Older, wiser and unscathed

out of the fires we have come

into the placidity of womanhood

leaving the turbulence far behind.

Quiet Times …

June 14, 2009

Quiet Times

I lie beside you but you are not there
I can see that then and there.
I lay my hand over you but you still stare
up at the ceiling over there.

Where have your thoughts taken you?
Do you think of him who left for the moon?
Thoughts of children who grew up too soon?
Or is it the mundane things of noon?

Why do you keep quiet at these times,
when your nature is so sublime?
Where are those dimples so fine,
That brings a joy to us every time?

Grandma, why do you sing no more
the endearing songs of yore?
Why the look? Why the grief?
What has shaken your belief?

Now I see you happy as a rose
At grandpa’s side on the float
with Bruno, Rani, the cats and crows
Looking over us forever and more.

A couple months ago, we had been to a quaint little place called Peddler’s Village tucked in a cozy spot in Pennsylvania.  What’s so special about the place is that it has an old world charm feel about it. Little antique shops line the cobbled streets, cozy pizza parlors dot every street corner and locals invite you in with a warm heart. When I was here, I felt so comfortable, as though I have lived there for years. We were with our friends (Sumana and Murli) and we were trooping into every little shop there was, laughing, talking 19 to dozen, chewing on the candies that we bought. It is one of those days that you remember for a lifetime. Needless to say we were there till late night. And a beautiful night it was. It was chilly, yes, but the warmth of our friendship kept us comfortable.

Here is a picture I took of that night. Looking back, I am feeling a little poetic. 🙂


Angel of Peace

A lovely girl

in milky white,

Her magic unfurls

on my sight.

Unearthly peace

descends my soul.

Her grace seeps

and makes me whole.

On a beautiful night

she cast her net

Now all my nights

are so blest.

Well I hope you enjoyed the poem ( Any pain caused to poetic sensibilities are deeply regretted. Really! ) I need to make a mention of a superwoman blogger Preeti Shenoy (Click on her name to go to her poetry page) who inspires with her blog as well as with her poems.

And, those who go through the pain of leaving me  comment, A heartfelt Thank You!!

AND,  for those wondering about the “blest” in my poem, it is a 12th century English word which means blessed. Why use an old word – well, its my poetic licence! For more details on blest, click here.