Last night I was reading this interesting book called Teen Ink where teens write about what matters to them. They  spun their life experiences to weave them into a beautiful carpet of life’s lessons. Then it happened – I was scanning for the Post Comment! Boy, was I astonished? And this is the not the first time either.  In the past, I was a computer games addict. The ones where you use left and right arrows to move characters to avoid getting hit or killed. Soon I started fiddling with the TV remote too – to make the people on TV run to/escape or whatever! Then I remember, I am not playing a game but watching TV. Watching movies on DVDs, I often pause them to get a drink of water, food or the like. The frustration I felt at having to wait till the commercial break while watching TV – I could have wrung anybody’s neck! (Just kidding! 😉 ) Atleast TiVo can fix this one is what I think. What about post comments in a book?

Does this happen to you too? Or am I going crazy? 🙂

BTW,  one of the teens had a very simple way to tackle life. According to Jijo Vilayanickal, Life is like an echo. If you shout out good words, you hear good words back at you. If you shout out sad things, sad things happen. Simple isnt it? And I believe so true too.

PS: Click Here for online version of Teen Ink. Comments are allowed there 😉