Early memories … What is it about them that brings a slow comforting smile to our faces? When my mom and dad talk about their childhood days, they have this soft smile on their faces – as though remembering something tender. The things they did as children, the era that was, their childhood friends – thinking or talking about it never fails to bring on the “smile”.

On one of our evening walks, my parents told me about how they  and their siblings walked back from school together with friends. As I mentioned earlier, there is a railway track that they had to cross before reaching home. There was also a path to bypass the tracks. The elders at home sent them off with a stern reminder to take the road which bypasses the tracks.

But you know how it is with children. They conveniently forget. At school time one would see lot of kids walking the tracks – competing with each other as to who lasts the most on the track. Thank goodness there weren’t any tight rope acts around or they would be on that too!!

All the kids, deeply concentrating on the tracks, forgot to look out for people who wouldn’t miss a chance to tell on them. As each child reached home, a whack or two eagerly awaited their bottoms.

Next day the same old routine began all over again…. 🙂

When amma told me this, I was astonished. Nobody would dare to do that now, least of all little kids.  Appa said back in those days, it wasn’t really all that dangerous, because you could hear a train coming from miles away. Today, you hear a train come only when its a kilometre or two afar. I smiled to myself – look at the logic of these two defending their acts of mischief from years ago. 🙂

Anyways, all the talk about memories made me wonder about mine and in particular my earliest. I always knew my earliest memory but I keep pushing myself to think of something earlier than that. I guess that won’t work unless I am hypnotized! 😀

Thinking about my earliest memory is always like seeing it happen in the most sweet and angelic way. One afternoon my mother has me on her lap and we are sitting in the verandah. I must have been 2.5 years old and I start playschool tomorrow. She says, “Phaayi tu ek chaanga schoolantu vatta. Nave boooku, baaga, water bottleh, pencils sagga ghevnu vatta. Teacher astali and bhornu friends astale…. ” (Tomorrow you will be going to a nice school. You will have new books, bag, water bottle, pencils to take to school. There will be a teacher there and friends too…) The magic of her words get lost in retelling this incident but when her words ring in my ears, I feel like I am two and half again. She must have said more but I don’t remember any more of it. Just these tender few moments when my mother prepared me for my first day in school… 🙂

Sweet first memory isn’t it? Now I am all ears to hear yours!


There, a Dear Deer!! :-)

August 27, 2009

Life’s little moments are not always perfect but they rarely fail to make you smile.

We recently caught a deer eyeing us from the bushes. She looked so cute with spots of her brown peeping through the gaps in the foliage that we decided to snap a picture. But the lady was in no mood to pose, she took to her heels literally with her tail (almost) between her legs!


The picture is all blurred but it is amusing nonetheless, no? Just like life’s little moments! 🙂

Have a good day folks!

PS: Thank you Appu, Shivya and Varun for the lovely awards! I have displayed them on the right side of the page for the world to see! 🙂

10 Items Or Less ..

July 22, 2009

Love Morgan Freeman? I did after watching this endearing movie called Ten Items or Less. Freeman plays a well known aging actor who hasn’t taken on a project for the past four years for lack of good scripts. He comes to a poor Latin neighbourhood to research on a role that he is considering. He meets  a fiery young Spanish “10 items or less” cashier and is quiet taken by her attitude. She on the other hand wants him off her back. Due to unfortunate events, the young lady is stuck with this guy for the rest of the day.  End of the day, she is no longer pissed, rather cherishes her one day with the goofy old man.

The movie takes a microscopic look at how people connect. And amazing as it may be, our lives can change drastically after spending sometime (or maybe no time) with someone we hardly know. I can imagine a situation where I pour out my joys/troubles to a dear friend but it is a random stranger who happened to  hear it it all who offers a fresh perspective. As filmy as the thought may sound but the logic is that the uninvolved folks are objective and can immediately spot whatever is amiss. Morgan Freeman is at his charming best in the movie – watch out for the scenes where he imitates people doing their jobs – its spectacular! And the ones where he charms the ladies! 🙂

Here is a clip showing a beautiful sing along between the actor and the shop girl. The actor attempts  at settling the cashier’s nerves on her upcoming job interview is what leads to this “smile puller”.

Video is bad as is the singing  but the human emotion shines through it all – dont you think? 🙂

PS: Those who enjoy the hit sitcom Big Bang Theory are in for a little treat towards the end of the movie. 🙂 Those of you who know what I am talking about – please don’t do a spoiler here!

Finger Licking Good!!

July 20, 2009

Spice of Life

Something to look foward to,

Something to smile back on,

Something to cherish,

Something to let go,

Something to be proud of,

something to be embarassed about,

Something to laugh silly over,

Something to hide your tears,

Something goes on,

Something come to an abrupt end.

These somethings are spices in your life,

some sweet, some tangy, some hot , some bitter.

Whatever they may be,

It is what  makes life finger licking good!!

Last night I was reading this interesting book called Teen Ink where teens write about what matters to them. They  spun their life experiences to weave them into a beautiful carpet of life’s lessons. Then it happened – I was scanning for the Post Comment! Boy, was I astonished? And this is the not the first time either.  In the past, I was a computer games addict. The ones where you use left and right arrows to move characters to avoid getting hit or killed. Soon I started fiddling with the TV remote too – to make the people on TV run to/escape or whatever! Then I remember, I am not playing a game but watching TV. Watching movies on DVDs, I often pause them to get a drink of water, food or the like. The frustration I felt at having to wait till the commercial break while watching TV – I could have wrung anybody’s neck! (Just kidding! 😉 ) Atleast TiVo can fix this one is what I think. What about post comments in a book?

Does this happen to you too? Or am I going crazy? 🙂

BTW,  one of the teens had a very simple way to tackle life. According to Jijo Vilayanickal, Life is like an echo. If you shout out good words, you hear good words back at you. If you shout out sad things, sad things happen. Simple isnt it? And I believe so true too.

PS: Click Here for online version of Teen Ink. Comments are allowed there 😉

Rads just did a very interesting tag and has an open invite at her site. What were the professions that you wanted to be in as you grew up?

Most times I wanted to be either

a teacher – because I loved to write on the blackboard

a doctor – because I loved syringes and to cure people of illness

a social worker – because I wanted to help others be successful

a painter – because I loved colours

And then came the dreaded phase!

I wanted to be a trapeze artist in the circus!! Yes, that’s right!

I loved Enid Blyton. I owned several of her books and among them was  the Circus Series. Whenever I read this series, I was transported to a different world altogether where I was the brave little Lotta, who in a bid to save the circus travelled 100’s of miles on her horse. I knew then and there, I was destined to be in a circus.

I would go to every Circus that comes to my town and be mesmerized by the shiny and skimpy costumes the artists wear. Imagine having bears, tigers, lions and elephants for pets? And not to mention the cute boys! The idea of packing and moving to another place every couple months never ceased to awe me. I so badly wanted to be in a circus but my dad never let me! Whether I grovel, threaten, bawl my eyes out or whatever, my daddy would never entertain the thought of his dotty in a circus. I would be bitter for days.  And then all was forgotten.

Until Rad’s tag brought it all back. (No, no, Silly – I am not going to pick another fight to join the circus. Come on, I am not so bad now!) My dad always said at the time, “You may be upset now but you will thank me later!” And guess what, its about time  …. Thank you so much Appa for saving me from my own foolishness.  If it weren’t for you, I would be in some remote tent, infested with mosquitoes,  wearing only shiny clothes and blogging away my woes ( Yes, I think I would have found some way to blog! ) I do hope that kind of foolishness doesn’t overpower me again. It is the one ambition of mine that I am glad dint work out!! 😉

So what did you all think? Want to take up the tag too? Go ahead, its a free for all!

PS: Those of you who laughed at poor formerly-foolish me, atleast drop in a comment! 🙂

So far away, oceans apart. Yet, I hear the faint hum of conversation happening at a certain place in Cochin. My sweet liltte sister, A is getting married tomorrow and right now, the wedding eve celebrations are on.  I can see it in my mind’s eye, A decked up and all aglow, greeting her visitors with that lovely smile of hers. A‘s mom M, the emotional one, looking on proud, happy and beautiful herself. A‘s dad R, his heart swelling with pride and joy, welcoming the guests. The goofy brother, Ash, the silent spectator who will reprise all the events at a later date with his own twist added. 🙂

Then the other aunts and cousins (all of us feel that we have 6 moms and 9 siblings ;-)) would be hovering around, ensuring things go smoothly for the family mentioned above. And me? I am oceans away, I told you. With the noises I long to hear faintly buzzing in my ear. I have been accused of being too dry eyed in the past. If they see me now …

It feels heart wrenching to be away from A‘s wedding. She was the doll  who listened to me unlike the doll I mentioned in a previous post. 😉 A is 5 years younger than me, she calls me Cookie-akka ( my other doll fondly calls me monkey! ) We had a secret game called Hobby. I can’t recollect why it was so called but it is our fondest game.  A will smile whenever I talk about this game. Both of us were pretty girly as kids (unlike the original doll, who is a tomcat!) I would pretend to be the mommy and A would be my school going child. It is pretty simple – I open imaginary cupboards and lay out imaginary clothes for the real child to wear. I had great fun in describing aloud what A is going to wear – sometimes it will be a cream blouse with a red pinafore, flower hats and cream shoes, or it maybe the blue jeans with ruffled top, satin ribbons in her hair and so on. A was a model playmate – obedient and above all quiet! No brawls, no torn clothes, no  broken teeth – just 2 sweet girls playing quietly in the corner. We were any parent’s dream, even if I say so myself. 🙂 There was nothing adventurous about our game, but we were so happy playing it. Like the comfort of bedroom slippers – furry, warm and comfortable.

And to think it is this girl’s cherished moment that I am missing makes me weep – the one who has been through all of mine. With her sweet smile and cute chatter, she has been right there at all her older sisters’ side. Dear A, I know you will see this in a week or two. I want you to know, that I was thinking of you the whole time and wishing like crazy for a magic carpet! Congratulations on finding your soul mate. I pray for your happiness. Wishing you and V hours, days, years and lifetimes filled with joy, health and wealth.

( PS: I was really feeling low before I was writing this. As  I was writing, couldn’t stop the waterworks. It took me 3 hours to write but now that I am done, I am much better. My parent’s phone-call helped too. They realised I would be a mess and so called, sent photos, told me every little detail and joked about a few things. Well, what can I say – I am alright now! )