September 27, 2009


Mother of two: She was a young thing – only 12. Yet, it was rather a common sight to see her play the little mommy to my two girls. The youngest among our brood of 6 and might I add – the prettiest? When she came into our life, it was an unexpected ray of hope. She was the cheer we all needed, she was the shade of a tree from a hot day in the sun. She was our dream, our hope and our step into the light. When I had my own two girls, I had a tough time juggling them, my extended family, and my home. That’s when my sister decided to take some of my weight on her little shoulders. She’d often take the girls to my mother’s home – it was not all that far away but it involved crossing a railway track. Her earnest promises of taking the utmost care and to be extremely cautious at the railway line convinced me that my daughters are in safe hands. With the little one snug on her tiny hip and the older one held tightly by her side, off she’d go to her place. Looking at them go, I thank my God for the little angel He sent to help shoulder my overloaded cart. Years have passed, she has a family of her own yet, she continues to be our cheer.Good times are better when she is around and bad times made lighter by her sweet words. She is among the many reasons I believe there is such a thing as God in this world.

The Two: We were too little then to realize how ludicrous it sounds to call her aunt. She is just 10 and 12 years older than us. When we were kids, we always wondered how nobody could see the devil behind her angelic face. Our mother had given her “mommy rights” and she lost no chance to set us right. She could send us cowering under the bed by making her eyes so big. Thank God, grandma was around, else we thought ” We are definitely her dinner!”. She had this weird habit of keeping  our grandma’s house all dark by shutting the windows. She often forced us to sit along with her when she sang the evening prayers and we would squirm and hasten her to sing faster so that we can get back to our play. As children, we though of her as a bossy creature who had a cherubic faced that fooled anyone but us. Then she got engaged. Her fiance was a true blue romantic – he sent her cards, letters, flowers and all. As you may have guessed by now, we were rather nosy. We wanted to see the cards and letters. Only to hear a big NO! That’s when we started spying on her discreetly and found her stash. Our keen observation skills led us to her red coloured notebook, in which she wrote letters to her fiance in rough draft. She copied it out on nice paper once she was satisfied with her draft. So when she wasn’t around, we two would sneak into her cupboard, read all her letters, her cards and her rough drafts. For months after, we threatened her that her fiance is rather mistaken about what he thinks of her and in his best interest, we should set it right! 😀 She’d laugh it off. Then she got married and really went far far away. As much as we troubled her, we loved her a lot and her absence was bothering us. She had done nice things for us – like taking us to her friend’s homes, teaching us beautiful songs like 10 Green Bottles, Do re mi in her beautiful sing-song voice, dressing us up in saris and false hair. In our teens, whatever she did were our beauty tips. 😀 Now we have all grown older and cherish each other a lot more. Like our mother says above, Good times are better with her around and bad times don’t feel so bad when she is there. We ll always be a pain in the neck but never forget we love you loads!

PS: Dedicated to my lovely aunt-partner in crimes-the shoulder-buddy-the laughing machine  who turns a year older today! 🙂


19 Responses to “Munni..”

  1. Savitha said

    First, excellent writing, Ash!

    She must be a sweet aunt, isn’t she? And such sweet aunts are never forgotten, are they?

    //Good times are better when she is around and bad times made lighter by her sweet words. //
    What better way to express it??

    And you sneaked into her romance? 😀 (We did that too- you were just two, we were 4).

    Thanks Savi!! Yeah, she is very sweet! About her letters and cards, it was fun to go through them all! 4 of you sneaking around, OMG!! 😀

  2. Savitha said

    And,hey,happy birthday to your aunt! 🙂

    Thank you Savitha .. 🙂

  3. ajcl said

    happy birthday to ur aunt and a nice write up, honoring her presence in ur lives… am sure she is going to love this..

    Yeah, she is very special to us. Got a few other aunts who are also “mommy rights” too – will write about them another time! 🙂

  4. ajcl said

    are u talking abt the person who blogs as manchitra?

    No not her, Manchitra is aunt to us by marriage.

  5. Ramesh said

    Aha – Thought it was one of yout stories until it became known that this was one of your unique Happy Birthday pieces. Naughty you – reading all those letters !!

    Zhu ni shangri kuai le Munni.

    From Munni: Xie Xie Ramesh!
    Reading letters is something kids will do if they are forbidden to do it – don’t you think so?? 😀

  6. Munni said

    Hi Kukky, That was a great piece of nostalgia. I really turned emotional while going through this. I think its my greatest Birthday gift. I always tell everyone, both of you are my first children: children when I was a child!!!!. Thanx a lot. Your lovely aunt-partner in crimes-the shoulder-buddy-the laughing machine-MUNNI

    Thanks so much Munnipachi! You know how they say – distance makes the heart grow fonder! I had been thinking so much about you the last few days .. 🙂 Love and hugs!!

  7. Swaram said

    Thatz so so beautiful Ashu 🙂
    Munnipachi seems to be so lovely 🙂 Reminds me so much of my mausi who ws in Blr with us and spent all her free time doing the silly things I wanted her to do 😛 I ws nt only her niece but her best friend too 🙂

    A very very happy birthday to her and wish her a wonderful life ahead 😀

    N well said Munnipachi! ‘Children when I ws a child’ 😀
    God bless u 🙂

    Thanks so much Swaram!! Three cheers for aunts who are loads of fun!! 🙂

  8. Solilo said

    That is a beautiful writeup, Ash! Happy birthday to your maasi.

    Thanks so much Solilo … Maasi says thank you! 🙂

  9. Very well written….. and here is wishing her a great birthday (belated) ….and yes … not a nice thing to leaf through someone else’s thoughts ….

    Thanks LEB .. 🙂 Yeah, it wasnt a nice thing to do but now we have a sweet memory because of it and aunt has since forgiven us. 🙂

  10. Choco said

    Aww….This was so beautiful.
    You are an amazing sister yourself. I am sure your little sis will be so very proud and touched if she reads this…

    Happy Belated Birthday to her! 🙂

    This wasn’t about my sister, rather my mom’s sister. Thanks so much for your sweet words! 🙂

  11. preethy said

    Wow that was a touching one Kukky. I still remember your mom fondly recollecting the travel to Ammama’s house via the rail tracks .
    Happy Birthday to our dearest Munnipachi – hope you had a lovely day and many many more to come.
    Many a happy day have you brought to our family .

    Lots of love from all your nieces and nephews (me the eldest!!!) .


    Yeah, the eldest of the brats! 😀

  12. sri said

    //Good times are better with her around and bad times don’t feel so bad when she is there//

    This one sentense says a load about her personality that we can easily imagine 🙂 sweet of you to write a touchy post for her bday 🙂

    so u read the forbidden letters as well huh ? 😉


    Thanks Srivats. Yep, read her letters to irritate her. 😀

  13. Grayquill said

    @ Now grown daughters. I think you forgive easily. May you be forgiven as easily, for reading those notes – tut, tut, tut. – wagging head. Of couse why wouldn’t you. Everyone needs an Aunt like yours.

    Yeah she felt very forgiving after she exercised her lungs at us! ;-D As for everyone needing an aunt like – thats so true!! 🙂

  14. HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to TT’s lovely aunt-partner in crimes-the shoulder-buddy-the laughing machine 🙂

    did’nt she pull your ears for reading all her letter 🙂 LOL

    Oh yes she did and it hurt like hell too!! But it was all worth it – for all the blackmailing that we could do later ! ;-D

  15. Vinoo said

    Very well written

    Welcome to my blog Vinoo and thank you! 🙂

  16. You know what – more than the post, i felt very nice that your aunt read this.

    it would have been such a wonderful feeling for her to see this and nice of you to have given this birthday present to her

    Welcome to my blog Sandhya … 🙂 Yeah it was indeed nice of her to read. 🙂

  17. Ashley said

    Wow! Such a lovely tribute…Your aunt must be so proud of her once little wards….

    Blog hopped here and loved this write up!

    Hey Ashley, welcome to my blog!! 🙂 Many thanks for reading!

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