The Bhagawad Gita Problem … :-)

September 17, 2009

Every Wednesday, last period was Bhagawad Gita class. My school was founded by a spiritual leader and hence a period each week was devoted to moral studies. In our primary school days, Gita class was mostly  story time with a cherubic teacher, who had a knack for telling awesome mythological dramas. Other times have the whole class chanting the Bhagawad Gita in unison. It was almost like a free period until we reached secondary school.

We were too old for stories was what we were told. A stern looking Biology sir took it on the burden of teaching us moral consciousness. His Bio classes were extremely interesting but Gita class – how interesting can you make spiritual conscciousness sound to  a class of 14 year olds? It being the last period was also not lost on us – if not for Gita class, we could well be on our way home! Anyways, we had to listen – Sir was strict and could send you to hell with his cold stare. I was a responsible student most times but in Gita class. I have this Endless Yawn Attack syndrome descend on me.

Every two minutes – one yawn! In a thirty minute class, I would have yawned 15 times. And I have a very peculiar Yawn side effect too – when I yawn, I go deaf too. Any noise at the time will not be registered at all! My father tells me I am not the only one with that side effect, but I m yet to meet another with the same peculiarity! Now back to the story – Our Sir knew we were bored out of our minds with all this consciousness talk, so he kept us on our toes err… ears with impromptu questions. If an appropriate answer was not given, we were dead meat! So you can imagine – me with endless yawns and deaf most of the time, chances are I miss more than half of what he says.

That led me to seek more creative ways to draw Oxygen. Keeping my lips tight and fill my cheeks, drop a book and when picking it up yawn quickly, when someone behind me is answering a question – turn to look back and yawn, wait for Sir to turn his back to us. 😀 It sounds so ridiculous and stupid, but what could I do! 😀 Mercifully, my yawns were never sighted and nor was I pulled up for questioning! Maybe my track record in Bio class had him confident about my classroom presence! 😀

Now I bet those who read this till the end, would have yawned atleast once?? 😉 Yawns, like the need to drink water when you see others drinking it, are extremely contagious!

Have a good day folks!


19 Responses to “The Bhagawad Gita Problem … :-)”

  1. Choco said

    You are correct! Yawns are so contagious **Yawn** 😀
    But here I was thinking I will get the gist of BGita in the post and turns out it was about something much more closer to our hearts.. 🙂

    Oh, I love to mislead!! 🙂

  2. Titaxy said

    lol..yawn is contagious…i did yawn once during the post :P…but the cartoon at the end brought my spirits right up :D…not am all fresh…;-)

    Good to see you here Titaxy! I m wondering – my story dragged you down and the cartoon brought you up for some fresh air?! 😀

  3. Solilo said

    Main Geeta pe haath rakh kar kehti hoon.

    I didn’t yawn even once through the post.


    LOL! 🙂 A rare specimen indeed! 🙂

  4. Kokonad said

    Ha ha ha… it’s impossible for me to not show I am yawning. If I am conversing with a professional senior (professor, boss etc.), I obviously never yawn on their faces. But I keep my jaws tight, but my nostrils flare up… and I am sure they notice!

    I am sure they do but thankfully I was in a 50 strong class and so I got away with it. Its been a while you posted, coming up with another genius idea is it? 🙂

  5. Ramesh said

    No yawn at all. read your post with apt attention. If you ask questions, I’ll get 100/100 !

    Nice technique for “yawn management”. I shall put it to immediate use in office meetings where I suffer from an acute attack of Endless Yawn syndrome.

    So tell me how many times I said “Yawn” – no peeking! 😀

  6. Savitha said

    Oh,yes,I too have this syndrome. Not only that, I sleep a lot, in the class, esp in biology classes (and a particular teacher’s maths class-her voice sounds exactly like a lullaby!) But I sleep with closed eyes and active brains!!(Still finding the formula). There was never a time my answers went wrong, when asked a qn after getting caught. 🙂 🙂

    Wow, you are amazing Savi! I ll be fumbling if I get caught! 😀

  7. ajcl said

    first up.. lounging in my drafts is something i wrote on moral science class .. so dear cookie, here u go publishing one which has ample content of the same thought in different light..
    last hour in ur school BG too.. now this is too much of a coincidence..
    i was notorious for yawning and nodding off in class.. i too followed Kokonad’s principle, only my watering eyes would be a dead give away..
    cookie- u shd post more often

    Wow, sometimes I wonder is you me?? 😀 I think moral science last period is a schools way to get back at us for all that we do to keep them busy! 🙂 Thanks for your nice words – I m feeling so good! 🙂

    • Savitha said

      I second AJCL!! you SHOULD post too often!! We need many breaks between the yawns and sleeps!! Please…

      🙂 I will try my best … I was telling about this incident to S and thats when I realised it will amuse you all too. 🙂 Thanks for your sweet words, Savi. 🙂

  8. ROFL!!!!!!!!

    you are talking about U Sir right??? 😛

    he was awesome!!!!!!!! even though I was not a bio student, I liked his approach!!!!!!!!!

    and the geeta classes brings back old memories of CV!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Right you are!! 🙂 I knew I will see your comment today! 🙂 U sir was the best for Bio class and I still remember his lessons. 🙂 Cheers to the good old CV days!! 🙂

  9. sri said

    haha hilarious,

    This happens even now to me, on office meetings and they are after the lunch hours always! 🙂

    ur techniques are good, I would try to use them 🙂

    on the same note, our office friends when they feel sleepy during meeting, go into , I am in deep thinking, or my eyes are paining so rubbing them, or look down to nothing in the cell phone. Thats so funny hehe 🙂

    easy read!

    Thanks a ton Sri! At work, we too used the cell phone as an excuse for several things … 😀

  10. grayquill said

    A stare that could send you straight to hell…I had that teacher at least five different times. You gave am a few more snickers than normal and no yawns.
    Great post – very entertaining!

    Thanks so much Grayquill… 🙂

  11. Swaram said

    Superb one!

    Esp. the diff ways u discovered for it 😛

    History class n ice cubes used to go hand in hand for me 😉 Y wud they always want it to be the immediate hr after lunch 😦

    Oh I remember the ice cube story! LOL! If you ever find you are a little girl again, you know what to do for the yawns now! 😉

  12. narayan said

    Very common social problem with practically no easy solution.
    I think the very scene of some one yawning makes you also do it.Even if the word appears in letters trigger it like it did on me reading your post(don’t think it was due to boredom). Once you start it becomes repetitive.It is certainly a infectious menace and if we can get our mind deviate from it we will be lucky.

    Yes, it does get painfully repetitive!

  13. 🙂 ROFL This was really funny!!!

    Loved the creative ways you found to hide or suppress your yawns!!! Our schools teach us a lot besides studies 🙂

    A visit from the IHM, wow!! 🙂 Welcome to my blog. As much as it is amusing now, back then Gita classes were dreaded!! And you know what? Even when I comment about Gita problem, I yawn! Uff!!

  14. theishu said

    Damn my keen imagination! I couldn’t resist a yawn 😦

    Its ok buddy. 😀 I yawn everytime I see this post!

  15. ha ha ha….you’re so funny TT…..:) you really go deaf in the ear when you yawn? seriously 🙂 sorry for laughing…but the narration was funny…
    …and God promise I yawn…i seriously did…..but only because i’m sleepy 🙂 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I take it as a compliment that people yawned reading this! It just shows I can will them to – hows that? 😀 Yes, I do go deaf when I yawn and since nobody else seems to have that problem – I think I qualify as an item for Ripleys Believe it Or Not Musuem!! 😀

  16. Shivya said

    I did yawn but ill blame it on the lack on sleep and not your post 😀

    Its okay Shivya, like I said in all other comments, I yawn everytime I see this post!! 😀

  17. Nancy said

    Count me in toooo…..seriously even I go deaf when I yawn but I thought everybody else did too…u mean to say nobody else does …..never knew tht 😮

    And nope…didnt yawn once while reading it tho I’m famous for yawning as soon as I see even a dog yawning 😀

    I thought I will be the only one in the Ripleys Museum … thank God for you!! Nobody else seems to have the problem. Believe me, I always talk to a person when I see them yawn and they always answer back which proves the obvious! LOL at the dog yawns!!

  18. Lol … so funny … it is impossible sometimes to keep awake … I went through this all my school years .. in all my classes …. my notebooks are eternally dirty with shoe marks on the covers ….good stuff Ash … made me remember my “yawning” days … !!!

    Notebooks with shoe marks – yeah right!! Yeah, good old classroom days! 🙂

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