To be a Ghost!

September 4, 2009

Our grandma’s home was just 10 minutes walk from our then house. The way to Granmas was dotted with several interesting places – a wood saw mill, our old nursery school, our family jeweler,  a railway track,  and such. Not to mention  my parent’s friends who also live around there – and for half hour or so, my folks will be talking to them over their wall or gate. Why not come in inside, they ask? No, we have to hurry to Grandmas. 😀 As I wait for the adults to “hurry up”, I look around. And I imagine how it would feel if I were a ghost so that I can go inside and just watch them do their everyday stuff? I find mundane life very interesting – especially if it is not my own! 😉 That is how I got addicted to people watching.

I just love it. Everytime we are at the cash counter, S does all the paying while I feast my eyes on what people around me are doing. 😀 Maybe that is also the reason why I never remember directions – I am always looking at people on the road! The umpteen times I have been elbowed by my sister or cousins when I am out with them, have left me with a  permanent dent!  They furiously whisper – stop staring!! I am quite taken aback – I don’t stare, I only observe!!! Well, if you are “observing” someone who is not in your field of vision, it makes us uncomfortable!! 😀

Can you blame me though?? People are so interesting – even when they do what they think are boring stuffs. The expressions on their faces, their body language, their gait and so on. But oh, they saw me watching them. Now, I can’t look again! Oh, what wouldn’t I do to be a ghost without dying!!

Since, I mentioned Ghost couple of times, I can’t but help treat you all to an all time great song. Unchained Melody, though created by Alex North and Hy Zaret, was eternalized by the Righteous Brothers. The song was also featured in the movie, Ghost, starring the charmer Patrick Swayze and a young Demi Moore at her best. 🙂 See the singer at work here.


25 Responses to “To be a Ghost!”

  1. narayan said

    Dear ,
    It is a very common thing that all of us do to watch what is going on around us. Most of us do it in a fleeting manner and forget it ,some people, like you ,do it with some concentration and it is registered in their minds.This explains why most of us don’t see something while some see them and remember them vividly to be reproduced as literary creations. Yes, some people get embarrased when some one stares too long, it is only human beings who mind, other beings, are free for take. Go ahead and continue the habit without any guilt feeling.
    Actually all of us do it and and have a secret desire to be a ghost to watch our surroundings in our familiar area , but when we reach other places where we are not known we happily watch to our liking, like when we go as tourists.

    Agree with you totally! 🙂

  2. manchitra said

    I too have the habit of observing people and it becomes too much of a handicap for me when this happens in my class. like observing their non verbals.Can easily find out who is interested in the class or not. Nice to observe when it is outside.

    I have read a post wherein a blogger wrote about a typical classroom behaviour. It was rather funny! 🙂

  3. K said

    I absolutely LOVE people-watching…they ARE very interesting!!! It’s so interesting how people dress themselves and do their makeup and how they speak to each other and their little quirks and mannerisms or tics always interest me too..

    Yeah, people are just amazing! 🙂

  4. ajcl said

    i like people watching too.. cant understand how my keen observation is interpreted as rudeness.. i have however learnt to observe on the sly.. may be u can be invisible too.. thaz a great boon to have

    I think invisibility is better than being a Ghost! Why didnt I think of that earlier?? 😀

  5. Solilo said

    Analyzing and observing people is also a hobby of mine. 😛

    😀 Great! 🙂

  6. Ohhh…. this is our fav pastime… so many times when I and my wife go alone to dine… we just sit in a corner and observe people… its fun… to pull their legs without them knowing…

    even in malls… !! I lvoe it… !!

    LOL!! Malls are the best – all sorts of people! Especially watching the teens and young adults with all their peer pressure issues is fascinating! Among only I watch other people coz S is busy keeping an eye on me for inappropriate “observing” behaviour! 😀

  7. Swaram said

    Wow! I luv this too! When I take a walk in the park nearby, on the way to office, @ the airports, I do it all the time n play guessing games too why they hv a certain expression on their face 😉 Its fun na 😛

    ROFL @ permanent dent 😆

    Yes, it is loads of fun!! 🙂 I imagine if you aren’t able to guess why, then you will walk right upto that person and ask!! 😀

  8. Savitha said

    I can totally relate to you,Ash! This is one reason I don’t like travelling by cars/taxis – you don’t get to watch people! And really, to observe people without their knowledge is really a trick….If they come to know of it mid-way, it will be such embarassment- shown by a weird smile 🙂

    Right, a weak smile and then we have to look somewhere else!! And don’t you hate when the person we are watching is blocked by another bystander, you cant tell him to move, but you still get mad!! 😀 😀 😀 IO hope, I am not the only one who feels that!

    • Savitha said

      yeah, it is like sitting at the edge of the seat in the theatre, when during an interesting climax someone hides the view…Oh, how I feel like getting rid of that weed 🙂

      Yeah, exactly!! Often times, I feel like lashing out at the blocker, but how can I?? 😀

  9. Aah! The ‘out of body’ experience. Sounds thrilling doesn’t it? To be honest though, i would be a bit scared to try it out. You know when i was in college, this was quite the rage, and a lot of people in my college were trying to do it, there were even chanting tapes doing the rounds, that seemed to enable this phenomenon.

    And I simply love observing people, just love it, and indeed it sometimes does seem like I am staring, but I am just observing them.

    Wow, you mean the Ouija board and seances? I have never been to one. Yeah, people think they are being judged but we are just curious!! 😀

  10. choco said

    Lolzz..I kept having this thought while reading this…Why a ghost? Why not a superpower…The power of invisibility….Wouldn’t that be nicer? 🙂
    But this was a very entertaining post, nevertheless! 🙂

    Yeah, true!! I have been watching “Heroes” back to back and I’m surprised why dint I think of superpowers!! 😀

  11. Ramesh said

    Oh – didn’t notice you are there. Have been busy paying the bill. Stunner just passed ? Didn’t even look. Can’t ogle if I didn’t even notice right ?

    Men are from Mars ……

    Us ladies have learned Martian too, you know!! Can see right through the lies! 😉

  12. Varun said

    Hahaha… I do it all the time. I had written a post about it once.

    Oh yes, I rem reading it! 🙂

  13. Ashwathy said

    you have a very interesting thought process, i must say! 😀

    but i observe ppl everywhere too… the idea is to be discreet, thats all ! that way u get ur job done and nobody realises too. besides, what fuels the imagination better (for good posts) than ppl’s habits and mannerisms, rite? 😉

    Thank you!! 🙂 Yeah, I think I’m the only one who is not a discreet People Watcher! 😉

  14. Observing people can teach you a lot – both good and bad things. This is something I also enjoy doing.

    Yeah, you are right Adesh! Many of our habits are from our observations of others – that can be either good or bad!

  15. Ashwini said

    Although I am not gay, I like to look at other women especially for their sense of style, their hair, their jewelry and if there’s a baby involved, its hard for the photographer in me to resist taking a picture!!

    I check out other ladies for the same reasons as you … Men are so staid but women are awesome!! 😉 Wow, you take pics of other folk’s babies?? That is something I cannot muster!! BTW, welcome to my blog!

    • Savitha said

      Hey, I do this one too, though I don’t believe in making up myself – just observe how girls get prettier with an extra effort ! To get that what-the-nasty-looking-face from my husband. But, who cares!

      LOL Savi, you are asking for trouble huh?? I like a little kajal and gloss but none of the other stuff works for me!

  16. Just call me 'A' said

    people are the most interesting subject to watch. i love photography people when they least expect it. their expression are priceless.

    Wow, thats a nice approach. So I take it you sport a camera all the time?? 😀

  17. Nancy said

    Hehe…my daughter does the same especially when we are in a restaurant….she blantantly looks at other people’s food & says loudly something like “I want what tht uncle with no hair is having”.

    Have to check if we dented her anywhere 😀

    LOL, that is embarassingly cute!! 😀

  18. omg this is eerie…and ghost–sey, Just like a premonition….Patrick Swayze 🙄

    i like observing people too but I like photographing them more 🙂

    Yeah, may the Ghost rest in peace. Now I need to be a Ghost in real to meet him! 😥

  19. Grayquill said

    Watch people in meetings. Who is board, who is anxious, who is angry, is anyone afraid? Sometimes I get nothing but then there are those golden ones. Interesting? Absolutely.

    Yes, that would probably be the only good thing about being in a meeting!! 😀

  20. theishu said

    I guess this would make people around you a bit extra-cautious, wondering if you’re watching their every move 😛

    And really sad abt Swayze. That dude could dance like no other. RIP

    WHo can forget his Dirty Dancing na? I’m gonna miss him!

  21. Sunita said

    Wow!! I am going to be on the lookout for “ghosts” like you next when I am on the go :).
    I rarely observe. Infact I am the kinds that do not observe even if its in my face.

    You are the kind that are the easiest to watch. There are quite a few who don’t look around, probably you all have better things to do! When we go for our walk, we see this girl also walking – alone and so focused on her walk and the road ahead! A cute doggie passing by also doesn’t catch her her attention! 😀

  22. Nancy said

    Helllooo……I thought I’d see atleast 2 new post when I came here today.

    Busy huh?????

    Hi Nan, so sweet to check on me … Been running out of ideas and been a little busy too. Anyways, I ll get back on the horse soon!

  23. Wow … I do this all the time … I am not going to tell you how .. will write a post about it … thanks for the inspiration …. hahaha

    Thats super duper! Another crackling full of life post appearing on LEB’s page – make way please!! 😀

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