Where has this train been through?

July 30, 2009

Each of us is a vital thread in another person’s tapestry; our lives are woven together for a reason. – Anonymous

In the mad rush of day to day living, it is difficult to look beyond the immediate. But if you can pause for a moment or two, you will appreciate the beauty of looking at the big picture. Like when you walk back from a huge mosaic painting and discover it is not an abstract but an ethereal big picture. You need a few moments to let the whole scene sink in.

A couple months ago, on my parent’s recommendation, I chanced upon Many Lives Many Masters by Dr Brian L Weiss. The basic theme revolves around re-incarnation. Dr Weiss is an eminent psychiatrist who takes on a severely troubled young patient, Catherine. She suffers from acute anxiety attacks and phobias for which the usual prescribed treatments has no effect. When everything fails, hypnotism is what can offer a ray of hope and that is how Catherine “goes under”. Her treatment was a revelation. The “Masters” convey their messages through Catherine for Dr Weiss to propagate. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the messages by the Masters implies that our future is indeed in our own hands. Reading  this book reaffirmed my belief that Justice is truly served. People come in your life for a reason. Kindness begets more kindness. The messages are profound yet direct – like a wise grandfather telling a child in ways he/she can understand. Sounds interesting? Reading the book will be a good idea for you.

Reincarnation has always piqued me and deep down I do feel that it exists. Have you, for instance, taken an instant liking to someone you have just met?  Or instant dislike? I feel our associations in our past lives is what drives us to this instant reaction. Most people experience  “deja vu” – a feeling of familarness when you visit a new place, as thought you have been there before. Feeling the same events are happening again, when it is happening for the first time. How about ESP?  Two people thinking the exact same thing and knowing it too? I share an amazing ESP with my mom and my sis. And with Appu, whom I have not even met! Sachin and I share ESPn as he calls it! We spend our lives toegther and so we have this incredible sense of ESP that is not just ESP! Hence it is ESPn!! Then there is the certain pull I feel towards certain people – to get to know them, be friends with them, a desperate need for being with them. The last it happend, it was for somebody’s pet dog!

A few days back, on my walking route, I saw a lady walking her dog. Most dogs here don’t look up at other pedestrians, they have better things to do. But not this one. He was watching me steadfastedly with a “where have I seen her before?” kinda look.  When I saw him, I immediately thought of Bruno. Bruno is no longer alive, but he will always have a special place in my heart. He even looked a lot like Bruno! So thats why I smiled at him and talked to him softly. His owner was chit chatting with someone else, hence I could not ask to pet him. For days I couldn’t get him out of my head – I think it is safe to say I was besotted! Yesterday, I saw him again and this time he had the “Oh I know you!!” look. Unfortunately, I couldn’t pet him again. Next time I see him, I have made up my mind I am gonna say hello!

As much as the modern world scoffs at reincarnation and all thing paranormal, I do not wish to close my mind on it. It is possible we have not come up with an appropriate measure to study these events. Man once believed the earth was flat, that there is only so much far you can go before you fall into the unknown? That earth is the entity around which the sun rotates? But we know better than that now, dont we?

What do you guys/gals think? If you have any stories that you want to share about something out of the world, I am all ears and waiting! If you choose to put it in your own blog, I will be glad to check it out.

Thanks for reading and the comments!


18 Responses to “Where has this train been through?”

  1. Good post … I do not have any experiences like this to share … but my Mom keeps telling me that she sees her Father in one of my cousins …. I have not ever wanted to change her thinking …probably there is some sense to that belief …nice write up !!

    Thanks LEB! And you allowing your mom to think the way she wishes to is just lovely! 🙂

  2. Sachin said

    Don’t remember where the train has been, but it has been a wonderful ride till now …

    P.S: I believe !

    Thanks so much honey!! 🙂

  3. Savitha said

    Another coincidence! I just completed reading “Brida” of Paulo. He spoke a lot of ‘soulmate’ and gave a different perspective of what we call reincarnation….Please read if you haven’t!Personally,I don’t believed in reincarnation, but the way he put it made a little sense….
    And, yes, I have felt the familiar feeling, when I meet a few places/people…When in my undergrad, my English teacher once spoke of astral bodies and silver thread, and how they make unfamiliar places ‘seem’ familiar…I was mesmerised then and spoke about it to whomsoever I met.LOL!But, today, I look at it skeptically….

    Thanks for the recco Savitha, I will try reading Brida soon. Astral bodies and silver threads making places seem familiar? I am quite intrigues too!

  4. Prabodh said

    I too have completed with Many Lives Many Masters .. It was truly a book to make you think..I liked….Well I feel sometimes my dreams(well not all but some) come true…I actually been in a particular situation and I feel i have been this before in my dream…i know it sounds very weird…but I really feel it…and I feel u should grow the friendship with the DOG…

    Deja vu happens to many people. WHy it happens nobody knows as yet. As for friendship with the dog, was thinking of starting with a hello! 🙂 Thanks for writing!!

  5. ajcl said

    u r right, may be we dont know how to measure the paranormal, how to establish a science around it that quantifies stuff and builds belief only coz it can be proven..
    truth is stranger than fiction? dont you think , and here we are thinking the reverse..
    i still amaze at how the 2 of us can ‘connect’ sitting miles apart..u always have a way of saying things i have wanted to..

    Appu – the field of parapsychology is looking at ways to make paranormal studies as scientific as can be possible. Yeah, how people can connect through bits and bytes! And thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Ramesh said

    Don’t know much about it, but who’s to say that it is impossible. The Human race needs a large dose of humility on how little it knows. So maybe, maybe ……

    Don’t know where this train has been till now, but considering how thoughtful and kind it is, it surely has been through lots of lovely places.

    A dose of humility we all need indeed! Thanks for your lovely comments Ramesh!

  7. theishu said

    I guess every dog owner needs to learn getting used to strangers walking up to them and striking a conversation.

    If they cant, they should send just the dog out for a walk and let it make friends 🙂

    Most dog owners like their pets to be noticed you know! Its like mommies who love strangers ooh aahing over their babies!

  8. Interesting post. I have not come up something like this but might start noticing now onwards and will keep you updated.

    Thanks Adesh! 🙂 I do hope you come across incidents that make you feel good about!

  9. Amitha said

    I’ll have to say ditto to Sachin’s comment. It’s been great reading your posts. Your style of narrating is simply the best. I too have had my share of “deja vu”. [:)]

    Thanks so much sweets! 🙂

  10. Grayquill said

    Reincarnation…seems like a weird idea to me. But I liked reading your thoughts on it. I do belive if you are asking God in sincerity to show you truth, you will find it. Your evidence of reincarnation, much was impressions or feelings. I am Christian and many Christians do the same thing. I have found feelings to be very unreliable. I wonder if it isn’t the chocolate cake I just ate. Keep at it.

    Grayquill, I do not believe in reincarnation as depicted in most religious cultures. Just that good deeds being rewarded in the next life and bad deeds being paid for dearly – in the simplest of terms. I wouldn’t call whatever I said as “evidence” – that would make me a very bad scientist!! I admit they are feelings and I know sometimes people just have a belief without any reason/logic. This is one of mine! 🙂 Thanks so much for writing in. You have a very sweet way of disagreeing – I like it! 🙂

  11. Grayquill said

    Well aren’t you gracious. That is about the nicest thing said to me in the last few bits of time. Thanks

    Oh, I guess you deserve a lot more nice things to be said!! 🙂

  12. […] which was something I had unheard of,until then. Recently, a post of my friend Ashwini on “Where has this train been through” brought back memories of what he said that day…Of Astral bodies and silver […]

  13. sri said

    Thats a lovely writeup! Yes I do blieve that. And u know souls takes the births together as groups ? the mom dad sister wife or dog of this life would end up in different relationship, and they unite again in yet another way. If not they would become friends too. And soul mate is yet another concept, my body would die and decay and another plant will grow a grass hopper would feed , an animal would eat taht would be eaten by another human, this body what I have now has gone through many souls and mine too would go to many souls. And I would share special links to all those persons even if i meet them for a short while in this life or for entire lifetime, like a stranger on the road or a pizza delivery man or my partner 🙂

    Great post, with ur permission i would feature this post in my blog, watch out in the left hand side section.

    Sri – Of course you have my permission! Thanks so much!!! Groups being born together is one of the many concepts explained in MLMM. And the concept you explained about how one soul goes into other souls is amazing – but that is something that can really happen!

  14. sri said

    I am yet to read the book, I have been thinking about it for quite sometime..now I would watch out for sure 🙂

    Yeah, I do hope you like it!

  15. I have read ALL of Brian Weiss’s book. At one point in my life I was heavily into this (and practised regression too).
    Now I am not so sure anymore.

    One chapter in my previous book is on this very topic-an eerie coincidence

    Yes–I do feel an ‘unexplained’ connect with many–but to be honest it won’t hold any logic scientifically.

    Interesting post.

    No logic – as yet. But as the young science of Parapsychology progresses, I am sure we will find what the mystery was all about!

  16. Ashwathy said

    hmm interesting train of thot! 🙂

    my mom’s reading a book on hynotic regression and progression.. basically the stages in the cycle of a soul… i need to get my hands on that book before i can comment more on ur post…
    well written btw!

    Thanks so much Ashwathy! 🙂 Do recco the name of the book that your mom is reading.

  17. choco said

    This book is my all time favorite! In fact I have just finished reading “through time into healing” by Brian Weiss.
    I did not believe in past lives before “many lives…” but Brian Weiss has a way with his words and a certain calming conviction. Anger and hatred seem so pointless if one believes in being eternal…..
    I loved your blog and am glad you liked mine 🙂

    Hi there Choco! Welcome to my blog and I am glad you liked it. 🙂 As for believing in reincarnation, I needed something to guide my thoughts and MLMM helped me get my thoughts in order. And yes, anger and hatred seems so pointless if you take in the bigger scheme of things. 🙂 I am gonna try reading Dr Weiss’ other works too!

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