Of Unpredictable Behaviours and A Sweet Lesson ..

July 18, 2009

Last night I was reading this interesting book called Teen Ink where teens write about what matters to them. They  spun their life experiences to weave them into a beautiful carpet of life’s lessons. Then it happened – I was scanning for the Post Comment! Boy, was I astonished? And this is the not the first time either.  In the past, I was a computer games addict. The ones where you use left and right arrows to move characters to avoid getting hit or killed. Soon I started fiddling with the TV remote too – to make the people on TV run to/escape or whatever! Then I remember, I am not playing a game but watching TV. Watching movies on DVDs, I often pause them to get a drink of water, food or the like. The frustration I felt at having to wait till the commercial break while watching TV – I could have wrung anybody’s neck! (Just kidding! 😉 ) Atleast TiVo can fix this one is what I think. What about post comments in a book?

Does this happen to you too? Or am I going crazy? 🙂

BTW,  one of the teens had a very simple way to tackle life. According to Jijo Vilayanickal, Life is like an echo. If you shout out good words, you hear good words back at you. If you shout out sad things, sad things happen. Simple isnt it? And I believe so true too.

PS: Click Here for online version of Teen Ink. Comments are allowed there 😉


22 Responses to “Of Unpredictable Behaviours and A Sweet Lesson ..”

  1. Interesting .. totally understand the remote situation …. we neeed more posts from you ….

  2. Savitha said

    You are not alone, Ashu, I have too, experienced this!
    Looks like it’s long since you showed your presence here?? I mean, a post after a long time???

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Ooooh You noticed? 🙂 Well, I had my cousin and her kids home, so was busy with them. 🙂 I am also under Bloggers Block too 😦

  3. Ashwathy said

    that’s wise of teenagers alrite! 🙂 “what goes around, comes around too”

  4. Tastemaster said

    I’ve wished for Google SO MANY times when I misplace something like my keys or glasses 😀

  5. interesting 😛 😛
    and regarding the addiction part, i have even had dreams about my blog……… 😛 ROFL…..

    i am a confirmed blog addict 😛

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      LOL!! 😀 What did you dream about your blog?? If you have already posted about it, do share the link. I need to dream about my blog too!! 😉

      • ROFL, I have not posted it, but just two days ago, I dreamt about recieving some howlarious comment on my blog….. I got up at that moment and when I checked blog, nothing was there 😛 😛 😛

        first time this has happened to me

  6. Grayquill said

    I don’t have this problem. But late at night when I come down stairs I still try to flip the light switch on where it was located 15 years ago. D’OH!

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Ah, that happens when I am at my mayka! I forget the house has been renovated since I visited last and endure a few bumps! 😀 Welcome to my blog, Grayquill!

  7. Ramesh said

    Oh yes – me too have tried to fast forward a live telecast !

    Ans since you’re also a teen (:D), why don’t you write in Teen ink too ?? Wink Wink Smiley (my net nanny doesn’t allow real smileys as they will destabilise the government of the country I now live in !!)

  8. ajcl said

    hahah.. this is so like me.. i have absolutely no patience to watch a movie that lasts more than an hour, so on the rare ocassions that i do watch one and if its on DVD, all songs are ff’ed .. i try and emulate the same when im watching a good movie on TV (and esp when it has some not so nice songs)..
    addiction i tell u!

  9. manchitra said

    Hate those commercial breaks.Hence stopped watching TV except to catch up with the news.

    Like Jijo.V I too believe that life is like a boomerang whatever thoughts we have and actions one puts in, it hits back to us with same speed and frequency. The same thing I have mentioned in my post on ‘Domestic Violence’.

  10. Shivya said

    Haha! The echo theory is so true! I should go check out teen ink!

  11. Ashita said

    back to bloggin again… m i glad 🙂

    Me too! 🙂

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