Holidays of 89…

July 8, 2009

After running so long, my train ran out of steam. Yes, referring to the blogger’s block.  Last night, my dad was telling me that he refreshed the page couple of times but it doesnt show any new posts. I explained that I hadn’t posted any, dint get any appropriate material and the like. Then he said. ” What about Udaipur?”

Unfortunately, I couldnt remember much of the trip. It happened when I was in lower primary. So my dad jogged my memory a bit. So here is what happened:

December of every year, the Indian Society of Anaesthetists holds a conference in different cities.  Along with the conferences, the group arranges for holiday packages for the doctor’s family.  That translates to all of us in a vacation mode! One of our earliest holidays together was to Udaipur. Coming from a warm climate as Kerala, the chill of Udaipur was unbearable. Nonetheless,we had great fun. On the first day, my dad was telling mom that the Maharana of Udaipur will be inaugrating the conference.  He also happened to mention  the king was a fellow student in the days that my dad undertook his medical training. When dad asked us whether we would stick around with him to see the inaugration, he was surprised to see us nodding our heads rather enthusiastically. So there we were, waiting to see the king. People came to the podium and went. Lights were lit, hands were clapped and speeches were spoken. And we were getting real impatient. So we asked dad – why is this King taking too long to come?? My dad explained, he is already there on the stage seated right in the middle. We were shocked – he looked nothing close to a king. Soon, we stirred a huge racket. You see, we were expecting him to have a crown, the kingly robes and lots of jewelry – like Ram in Ramayan. We convinced our dad the King on the podium is an imposter. It amazed us to see how the adults around us were taken for a ride. Thankfully, our holiday plans kicked in right then and we got into better things. 🙂

We met a Kashmiri family. They have 2 daughters and a son. We remember this son, whose  name is Moize.  Cool name isnt it? He must have been around 2 years then, but his cheeks were as red as tomatoes . Moize had a fancy for pockets – he kept looking in our pockets, his sisters as well as his own. Just hunting for chocolates – greedy fellow. 🙂 Thanks to him, we too were checking out our pockets, to ensure he dint take any of our chocolates – all the snaps have captured us in various stages of pocket checking. 😉  We were really impressed by his red cheeks and my mom dint lose this opportunity to get us to eat our veggies. I still remember how she kept chanting eat lots of veggies if you want cheeks like Moize! 😉

Fed up being snapped at! ;-)

Soon holidays came to an end and it was time to board our train. The train was 40 hours late! (Can you imagine the ruckus it would create in our lives if these things happened today too??) We were on the train for 4 whole days! Our folks carried enough bread, fruits and biscuits to keep us occupied. But the novelty of it all soon wore off and Pinky started craving our staple rice and curry. Because the train was so behind schedule, the stations were not prepared for handling the food requirement of the passengers. With every halt at the station, my dad would rush out only to see empty vessels. My sister’s cries would only get louder and louder. She was only 4 at the time and so couldnt for the life of her understand why she was not getting her rice.  Finally, at one station, dad manage to get rice but no curry.  However that was like God’s meal for Pinks. She gobbled it up and then there was peace till we reached home.

Thats when we were told by our extended family that our beloved grand aunt had passed for her heavenly abode just two days ago. Since we were in the train then, there was no way anybody could have informed us. She meant a lot to Pinks and I and she is sorely missed to this day too.


18 Responses to “Holidays of 89…”

  1. narayan nayak said

    I would like to make acorrection here . The Prince and me were in a regular college ,In was doing my Pre uni ad the B.Sc Science in the same college( Maharana Bhupal College And he was doing something like Pol Science or so
    Any way It is trip which has moved me immensely Due to the awfully eventful return journey and and the suffering my little daughters had at that time.
    The Kashmery family Dr Shigufta and Dr Mustaq ,both now in Shere Kashmir istt, I am in good contact even now.

  2. You running out of steam too ?? tell me bout it… !!!

    Cute pic that…

    the train was what 40 hours late… but hey returnting from a vacation.. I wouldnt mind it were 70 hours late.. lol… so much time to be away from office… !!!

    Last year when returning from Manali our train got cancelled due to the Gurjar agitation and we had not read the news papers since 10 days… !! it was so much fun.. we spent one day in Delhi eating around everywhere. !!!!!!

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      HW, it would have been a fun vacation if there were accomodations available and all that. But since none of that was availabe, we were forced to wait.
      Glad you had fun though!! 🙂

  3. Shivya said

    Reminiscing about our childhood holidays is always so much fun! I can almost imagine how cute Moize must have been with his RED cheeks!

  4. thethoughtfultrain said

    Yeah he was awfully cute.. I need to check with my dad if he can send me a scan copy of a pic he was in.
    As for reminiscing, my blog is almost always full of it. 🙂 Thanks for commenting Shivya!

  5. Great memory post Ash ….40 hours train delay ….and people still wore a smile right ?? …..those days are over ….Udaipur is still so beautiful ….my parents live about 40 miles from there ….every visit is a historical vacation !!

  6. thethoughtfultrain said

    Only 40 miles?? Lucky you! My home in Kochi is about 15 miles from the oldest Jewish Synagogue in Asia!! 😉
    Waiting for your next post, been a while now!

  7. Please stop showing off …. lol .. I was travelling … the newest one is out there now !!

  8. Solilo said

    Aww..Dads are cute. He suggested you to write about an old trip. That picture of you cute.

    Ha..ha.. eat veggies to get Kashmiri cheeks. Moms would do anything to get kids eat veggies. Just reminded me of Popeye and Spinach.

  9. cute pics…..does look like the 80’s :). i can’t go without eating rice for too long’s a staple for me and I love my rice….however much it makes me bloat 😀

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Yeah … so you southie too? With all the weight watching and all, I am down to having rice only couple times a week. 😦

  10. Ramesh said

    Nice reminiscences. The photo is priceless:)

    Long train journeys are indeed evocative – pity we don’t do them these days. Being a thoughtful train, you have hopefully done a lot – would love to read more …

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Ramesh, I did do a lot of long train travelling in the early years. Will write more about them 🙂

  11. theishu said

    Sweet pic 🙂

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