Sweet Nothings …

July 2, 2009

There’s a tag fever going on and I caught it too!! LEB has a Four and some tag waiting for me.  Lets cut to chase:

Four places I have lived:

1. Cochin, Kerala – the wonder years

2. Mangalore, Karnataka – the college years

3. Bangalore, Karnataka – newly married

4. New Jersey, US –  the blogger years

Four T.V Shows I Love to Watch ( only four?!)

1. Mr Monk – the OCD Detective

2. Prison Break – for nailbiting suspense

3. All versions of Law and Order, CSIs

4. Psych, Mental, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives

(The only Hindi serial that I follow is Balika Vadhu from Colors. It has captured me by my heart and soul)

Four Places that I have been on Vacation

1. A little village called Vaikom in Kerala – lush greenery, mangoes, gentle cows and people who love you so much. I miss those summer holidays where it felt just like  Enid Blyton’s “Children of the Cherry Tree Farm

2. Rajasthan – the regal splendor has to be seen to be believed. The camel rides were a hoot! Sis and I on Raju and parents on ShahRukh! 😉

3. Coorg – My first holiday with Sachin was in this lovely land of dense jungles, wild animals and a  beautiful River Kabini. I will cherish the memory of that holiday for the next 7 lives!

4. Atlantic City – The Vegas of the East Coast. I love the fact the fact that until you get into the Casinos, the Atlantic City has a very folksy feel to it. Street musicians and dancers. little stores on the boardwalk, smell of food wafting in the air, cheerful locals, laidback tourists and a general  joie de vivre. And the Casinos, well that is material for another post! 🙂

My Favourite Food Items

1. Palak Paneer – Its been a favourite of mine ever since I can remember

2. Lucknowi Biryani

3. Ben and Jerry’s Chocomint Cookie Icecream – heaven on earth, I swear!

4. A konkani delicacy called Patharvodo made with elephant-ear leaves. (I think thats what its called in English, forgive my ignorance)

Four Websites that I visit daily

1. Google – reader, mails

2. Ibnlive.in – source  for India news

3. Buzz18.in – mydaily Bollywood gossip fix

4. Apni Community – to see Balika Vadhu! 😉

Four Places that I would Rather be

1. Home – wherever that maybe.

2. Bangalore

3. Cochin

4. Far far away from strife.

Four Things I hope to do before Time Runs out

1. See the world and its people

2. Make friends who really matter

3. Learn the classical dance form of Odissi

4. Undo any wrong that I may have done (consciously or unconsciously)

Four Novels I Wish I was Reading for the first Time ( I dint understand the logic of this, so I am making it into 4 of my faves)

1. Agatha Christie’s Poirot series

2. John Grisham’s legal potboilers

3. Joseph Murphy’s Power of Your Subconscious Mind

4. Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy

Four Movies that I can watch over and over again

1. Sound of Music (same as LEB’s, the movie and the songs are just out of the world!)

2. Salaam e Ishq (No doubt it is long but I loved the way the movie makes me feel as though I am in love for the first time all over again! )

3. Parineeta – the Bengali’s are charmers I tell you!

4. Dunston Checks In!! (I looooooooooooooooove the chimp , he stole my heart with his toothy smile! )

Four people, I have no other choice but to tag (*Evil Laugh of Delight!*)

1. Ramesh ( I am so glad, LEB dint tag you! If it is too cumbersome I won’t take offense . 🙂

2. Theishu – And then he got tagged! 😉 I do hope you take this one up Theishu, I am sure you would have lots of interesting answers for us. 🙂

3. Nancy – the tag fever is on for you too! 😉

4. Hitchwriter – Here’s something for to play with! 🙂

Thanks LEB for tha tag. Enjoyed the whole bit! 🙂


27 Responses to “Sweet Nothings …”

  1. ~uh~™ said

    Parineeta – the Bengalis are charmers I tell you!
    hehe…you had doubts?

  2. Varun said

    Salaam e ishq – oh no! I had never imagined that movie can feature in somebody’s favourite list.

    Odisi – Do you know any kind of classical dance already?

    Buzz18 – I read mumbaimirror.com and mid-day.com 🙂

    I used to watch Balika Vadhu but it has become a drag these days. Suguna will probably marry after she gives birth to her baby 🙂

    • Hee hee Varun, I know the Salaam e Ishq is long and boring to many, but I jut loved that one … What to say? 😀 No I dont know any classical dance but I love Odissi movements the most. Yes, BV has become a lil drag but I am loyal!

  3. Nancy said

    The tag looks interesting:-))!!!!

    U certainly seem to have travelled. Compared to this I’m sure my tag is going to be colorless;-P

    Will do it soon….thanks for tagging me 🙂

  4. Kelvy said

    Awww ur answers r soooo sweett…liked the part abt ur trip to coorg…I havent seen much hindi movies in a long time, so no comments on that one, but did love Dunstan Checks in 🙂

  5. ajcl said

    Loved this post.. had a very nice ‘old world charm’ (i dont know what else word to use) to it.. made me felt so nice Ash, the honesty stands out like always.. god bless u..

  6. Now I have two tags to do !!!!!! yay… lol.. something to post about… !!!!!! 🙂

  7. My mom is from Vaikom. As a child I spent many happy days of my summer vacation in Vaikom.It was a magical time.

    Patharvodo khamchaku thonnanthu uddak etha!! Aanvu anga sakku paanu soddunu bhomchak vatha..

    😀 See what you’ve done now!!

  8. Aaanv paan ghevnuyi, patharvodo kornuyi, khavnuyi jalle!! 😉
    Yes Vaikom is a paradise and the locals, I suspect, have hearts of gold!

  9. Very nice TFT …. your interests are “all over the place”…though the part on the Desperate Housewives …..I dont know ….about Bengalis being charmers …hahahaha…we know that ….but, not all of us ..especially not our Class IX Maths teacher …he is “minus charming effect” charmer ….I know the elephant ears….awesome post !!

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Imagine if you had to mind a person like you 😉 Then you ll understand why your teacher was with “minus charming effect”!! LOL
      DH isn’t a soap in the usual sense. It is funny too especially the scener with Susan Meyer(Terri Hatchett) is in. 😀
      Thanks for the tag LEB it was fun. Had forgotten to link to you, but rectified it.

  10. Ramesh said

    I TOO LOVE SALAAM E ISHQ … Hooray Thoughtful Train

    Pst pst can you whisper what that is; I am a movie ignoramus …

  11. Coloring Elephant said

    So sweet Ramesh … 😀 It is a multi starrer romantic movie. It shows 6 couples and their love stories. My faves were John and Vidya, Govinda and his “GF”, Salmam and Priyanka!! The surprise factor was Govinda. You ll get more info here. 🙂

    PS: I am not a sucker for Bollywood romance but this one was just right I think 😀

  12. theishu said

    You know, I didnt quite understand your comment until I returned to your blog. 🙂

    Looks like an interesting tag. Going through a mild internet-ban for a few days, so will take it up soon after.

    Thanks for the tag, again! 🙂

  13. thethoughtfultrain said

    LOL! Sure, take your time. 🙂

  14. narayan nayak said

    I had sent a forwaded message regarding Julie Andrews recent meet with the 7 Children of Sound of music. It is nice to see the photographs and the song These are a few of favourite things……

  15. thethoughtfultrain said

    Yes, it was lovely to see the Von Trapp children again! 🙂

  16. I loveeeeeee Dunstun Checks in! Ah that chimp is a charmer!!

    Oh you were in Bangy?? I am in bangy right now.. and I fell in love with this city 😀

    Ah you are a sweet person dear!


  17. thethoughtfultrain said

    Yes I was in “Bangy” too … 🙂 Thanks so much for all the sweet words! *hugs*

  18. Just call me 'A' said

    niceee…I live in NJ too lady :), Jersey City to be precise :). Which part of Jersey are you in?

    I like Atlantic City too….beach during the say and Casino during the night :)….I won a couple of hands at the poker table at caesars and lost it all at Trump Plaza 😀 LOL

  19. thethoughtfultrain said

    Lovely !! I am near Princeton! Same story at Roulette table. Dying to try out Poker next time. :-)The Taj casino is awesome, right??

  20. […] have been officially tagged by A Thoughtful train… and I have seen this tag at a lot of places… here we […]

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