Of Unfulfilled Ambitions …

July 2, 2009

Rads just did a very interesting tag and has an open invite at her site. What were the professions that you wanted to be in as you grew up?

Most times I wanted to be either

a teacher – because I loved to write on the blackboard

a doctor – because I loved syringes and to cure people of illness

a social worker – because I wanted to help others be successful

a painter – because I loved colours

And then came the dreaded phase!

I wanted to be a trapeze artist in the circus!! Yes, that’s right!

I loved Enid Blyton. I owned several of her books and among them was  the Circus Series. Whenever I read this series, I was transported to a different world altogether where I was the brave little Lotta, who in a bid to save the circus travelled 100’s of miles on her horse. I knew then and there, I was destined to be in a circus.

I would go to every Circus that comes to my town and be mesmerized by the shiny and skimpy costumes the artists wear. Imagine having bears, tigers, lions and elephants for pets? And not to mention the cute boys! The idea of packing and moving to another place every couple months never ceased to awe me. I so badly wanted to be in a circus but my dad never let me! Whether I grovel, threaten, bawl my eyes out or whatever, my daddy would never entertain the thought of his dotty in a circus. I would be bitter for days.  And then all was forgotten.

Until Rad’s tag brought it all back. (No, no, Silly – I am not going to pick another fight to join the circus. Come on, I am not so bad now!) My dad always said at the time, “You may be upset now but you will thank me later!” And guess what, its about time  …. Thank you so much Appa for saving me from my own foolishness.  If it weren’t for you, I would be in some remote tent, infested with mosquitoes,  wearing only shiny clothes and blogging away my woes ( Yes, I think I would have found some way to blog! ) I do hope that kind of foolishness doesn’t overpower me again. It is the one ambition of mine that I am glad dint work out!! 😉

So what did you all think? Want to take up the tag too? Go ahead, its a free for all!

PS: Those of you who laughed at poor formerly-foolish me, atleast drop in a comment! 🙂


18 Responses to “Of Unfulfilled Ambitions …”

  1. I will take this tag up too… as such I have nothing to blog these days… I might as well take up tags !!!!! coz I need to post… no matter what… !!

    Circus Trapeze Artist did catch my fancy too at one point of time… !! lol… 😛

  2. Nancy said

    I so emphatise with ur circus dreams….coz I too have read & reread Enid Blyton’s Galliano’s Circus series & was hugely influenced by them….Jimmy, his clever dog Lucky, Lotta & her horse [I forget the name now]:-)).

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      🙂 I too don’t recollect the horses name. Rem she had a doll too – Anabelle I think!

  3. ajcl said

    trapeez artist 🙂

    wearing shiny clothes and sitting in a tent and blogging away ur woes 🙂 🙂 🙂

    loved the new look of ur blog ash

  4. Ramesh said

    Well well, the thoughtful train wanted to be a trapeze artist because she could wear “shiny and skimpy costumes” and because the boys were “cute”.

    Now, Sachin is “cute”. Only the skimpy costume remains.

    Photos please … 🙂

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      I no longer look like I can belong in a Circus 😦
      Now my Dad and Sachin can be at peace, I wont get circus dreams anymore! 😀

  5. I disagree with your Ash …. not every dream is supposed to be a commercial success … we, from India have a different image about circus …but there are bigger audiences ….honest post …sorry if my perspective is not sensitive !!

  6. thethoughtfultrain said

    Thats true but have you taken a close look at the conditions that Indian circuses live in? In the 90’s it was really sad. I don’t know how it is like now.

    But yes, not every dream has to be a commercial one. And thanks for being honest! I appreciate it. 🙂

  7. narayan nayak said

    Dear ,
    The new one is very interesting .I always wonder about the seriosness of the child thinking especially whether they are capable of rationally analysing their desires and views, so much soeven now In feel that I have not come up to their wishes,even though at that time and even now I think I have done the best in the situations.But some occasions when I am in an impensive mood I feel I have not been nice to them taking their perspective.
    Next is I feel that no age is immune to so called foolish aspirations, if I name any in my mind the whole world will mock at me,hence I won’t venture . But yesterday during the IMA celebrations Prof Sanu a noter writer in M alayalam, a teacher and a politition {what a combination} said that a writer goes to an entirely different world when writes and brings out articles which are not his real views at all. that probably explains the bizzare thoughts come to our minds.

  8. thethoughtfultrain said

    Hi Appa, I am sure I was not in the most logical frame of mind then, so you did indeed got me out of trouble 😀

  9. manchitra said

    I felt so funny that you fancied joining circus.A nephew of mine said his ambition is to become candy seller as he was fond of the same.Kids are kids.But i am sure your dad guided you well and supported you knowing very well what was good for his daughter.

  10. Oww Circus really? That is cho chweet!

    I wanted to be a scientist once.. then a mathematician.. And now I wanna be a teacher n social worker 😀

    Never wanted to be a doc 😀

    But all seedha saadha dreams .. not like you 😛 I wish I was though!

  11. thethoughtfultrain said

    Maybe you would but imagine the shock on your folk’s face 😉

  12. […] military, pilot, trekking, unfulfilled ambitions, wildlife, zoo by hitchwriter Saw this tag on A thoughful Train’s blog and though she didnt tag me… I tagged myself and dont worry guys I am not tagging any one […]

  13. rads said

    LOL you wanted to be a doc coz you loved syringes??? and trapeze artist yeah maybe kids who loved watching circus shows might have wanted to become one…thanks for taking up the tag.

    I loved the syringes but not the needles, thats one of the reasons I gave it up! 😉 The tag was too tempting resist. 🙂 And welcome to my blog. 🙂

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