Choosing the right hand …

July 1, 2009

The Right Hand

A world of  normal blokes,

need a ruler for their folks.

Four hands offered to rule

And them all had to choose.

One was Soft and light,

so much so that he took flight,

at the littlest sign of trouble

to preserve the safety of his bubble.

The second hand ruled Tight

with no tolerance for any fights.

Anger , suppression, rejection

were the ingredients of his potion.

The Gentle hand which can grip

as and when he sees fit.

He soothes, calms and prods

his subjects to beat the odds.

The Invisible hand whose magic is unseen

because he guides from behind the screen.

Unaware are they of his guiding force,

they think it is all in their pores.

Wayward would be the wards of the hand

that goes too Soft,  bitterness fanned

in souls of the Tight, tolerance would abound

with the Firm, in Invisible  self-worth found.

Them all dropped the Soft and Tight

They didn’t seem so right.

They rallied between Invisible and Firm for days

and finally settled on Invisible for the race.


As part of my undergraduate studies, we had a lesson in child development where they talk about the 3 kinds of parents – Laissez Faire, Authoritarian and Autocratic (The Soft, the Tight and the Firm respectively). The Invisible hand is based on Transformational Leaders. I have used the above categories for my “poem” material. 😀

As always, waiting for comments!


24 Responses to “Choosing the right hand …”

  1. You have used them very well…

    Its lovely !!

  2. Great poem. You have beuatifully brought Consultants, Helicopters and Drill Sergeants parenting styles in your poem.

  3. ajcl said

    very well written, the links were very insightful and useful

  4. Second AJCL’s comment …..great poetry and that makes me feel how artistically challenged I am ….lol …beautiful !!

  5. Ramesh said

    Whoa, whoa, The thoughtful train now resembles the lovely Darjeeling train.

    This Ash is sure a charming lass
    Who loves to walk even in the rain
    Whose posts I would hate to pass
    For she’s a budding Mark Twain

    If only she’d post every day,
    How much our spirits would gain
    Can’t you hear us stand up and say,
    Oh how we love our thoughtful train

  6. thethoughtfultrain said

    What? A poet too?? You never cease to amazer us all!! Thanks so much Ramesh, my cup of joy filleth! 🙂

  7. Ramesh ….. is there anything you cannot do ..wait I know … you cannot hide the cow during the visit …but then that was not your task … impressive comments to a beautiful post !!

  8. thethoughtfultrain said

    Those of you wondering at the above cow statement check this link. 🙂

  9. liked it!Invisible hand is what we should all aspire to be!

  10. thethoughtfultrain said

    Thanks Preeti!! Yes invisible hand is what is best for handling human beings! 🙂

  11. Sachin said

    Hmm .. Interesting. I loved the poem and also liked the link. Super !

  12. thethoughtfultrain said

    Awwww so sweet!! Thanks a ton sweetpie!!

  13. narayan nayak said

    A very nice statement very true in our daily affairs .I have always told to my dear ones especially my daughters in their infancy that every living thing has a god and the Saitan in him and situations precipitate one form to dominate temporarily and is seen as God or saitan.The invisible hand is the one who rules each one of us who are all equipped with all the four hands.This will explain why some of become great and others become also rans

  14. thethoughtfultrain said

    Hi Appa!! I am so delighted to see your comment. And what you say makes a lot of sense. According to the situation we are in. Though the Firm and Invisible is what is best it would be too draining of our energies if we were either of them for every occasion.
    I do hope that you ll comment more often!!

  15. Savitha said

    Meaningful poem! Good writing…

  16. You have been tagged by me ….again …lol !!

  17. thethoughtfultrain said

    LEB, I love tags! And the one you tagged me with, I am gonna have fun!! Thanks a bunch, I am gonna do it!

  18. Whoosh! Amazing work!! I mean amazing poem!! Loved it!!

  19. thethoughtfultrain said

    Thanks swo much dear .. But I am still nowhere close to your types. Hopefully will get there soon! 🙂

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