When the sky smiled …

June 24, 2009

Most of you would know how I love my long walks. I love it so much that I get cranky if the weather plays foul. Last evening the clouds began to gather to shoo us back into the house but I told Sachin – its okay,  it doesn’t look like rain clouds, lets carry on and all that. It was looking so awesome and we were clicking picture after pictures. Then the warning drops came and I was feeling so P#$$%^. It was all fine till the time we wanted to go, why now??  I was grumbling loudly and threatening the skies to withdraw the clouds soon. That is when I saw it –  the sky was smiling!


All my complaints trickled away with the sky’s smile  as with the  heavenly showerstorm that followed soon after. The sun’s rays reflected in a thousand little drops to create such an aura that you need to see it to cherish it! As the old story goes, somewhere a  fox got married! Such a day was not for indoors – Sachin and I decided. So we quickly got into our car to drive along the roads of New Jersey. We could barely see with the rain thundering down on us but it was all worth it. We happened to take few more pictures of the day and they are here.

I wish such beauty and the joythat it brings upon all my blogger friends. I hope more foxes get married so that us mortals are treated to such heavenly sights!

Please do write in with your thoughts. As always, I am waiting to see what you think.


PS: I have been given strict orders to give due credit for the lovely photograph. Okay so here it goes, my darling sweetpea Sachin took the above photo and all the others in the link. (except the orange sky in the link, he was driving then) 🙂


21 Responses to “When the sky smiled …”

  1. No way …. no way .. that is creepy .. we were on Oak Tree last evening (last stop at SB) and we see this huge rainbow …and believe it or not we are standing right in front of a store called Rainbow something next to Jhupdi ….you guys and us were probably looking at the same hues …now that is a coincidence. !!

  2. By the way ….. awesome pics …. each one of them ….except maybe the one with the orange sky …..have a feeling that genius was driving during that one ….. lol !!!

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Its a small world after all … Did you see the house in which rainbow sank(in the link)? I was in two minds whether I should knock on their door and look for the proverbial pot of gold (at the end of the rainbow) Then I thought, if I get the pot of gold, it ll give me no peace of mind, so decided against it! 😀

      And what a masterstroke you executed! In one shot you made 2 people feel the opposite ends of the emotion meter. 😀 Yep, genius dint have spare hands for the photo! 😦

  3. hahaha …. come on now … genius would not be himself unless you projected his talent to all of us ….so hats off to you for hosting the creativity in your creative space ….

  4. Just call me 'A' said

    it’s a lovely capture of the rainbow. truely natures wonder. The story i heard from my childhood is that of the marraige between a Lion and a Jackal 🙂 LOL!

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Lion and Jackal!! OMG .. Interestingly, from Animal Planet I found out that Lions and Jackals are friends because, the Jackal finds the prey for the Lion, the lion kills it and eats the major parts and the jackal gets the leftovers!! And jackal doesn’t mind … 😀

  5. ajcl said

    nice pic ash.. and thanks for ur warm wishes.. little things like these always brighten up one’s days.. and the place u live in is so beautiful

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Yes, I never expected US would so beautiful!! And New Jersey is called the Garden City. 🙂 I am glad my post made you happy! 🙂

  6. ajcl said

    ohh it does, always.. never misses a beat

  7. Ramesh said

    Lovely cheery post. May the beauty and joy be showered on you too.

    Now as to photos. We can recognise the master’s work. Lady can shoot good and write great. Master can shoot great and write good. Together ………

    Now which past of NJ is this – anywhere near Englewood, Leonia, Teaneck …..

  8. Prabodh said

    What a shot…??? 10/10 for sachin for this Pic……

  9. Kelvy said

    aww thats a beatiful pic…

  10. Ramesh said

    Passed by Princeton that’s all. My visits were more in the Englewood area.

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Thanks Winnie … BTW, a few of myfriends used to call me Winnie too (The name is Ashwini) 🙂

  11. Solilo said

    That’s a beautiful rainbow capture.

    I have heard about this Fox marriage story. Don’t know if it is Faux.:D

  12. thethoughtfultrain said

    Hi Solilo, thank you! Like word play huh? 😉

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