Quiet Times …

June 14, 2009

Quiet Times

I lie beside you but you are not there
I can see that then and there.
I lay my hand over you but you still stare
up at the ceiling over there.

Where have your thoughts taken you?
Do you think of him who left for the moon?
Thoughts of children who grew up too soon?
Or is it the mundane things of noon?

Why do you keep quiet at these times,
when your nature is so sublime?
Where are those dimples so fine,
That brings a joy to us every time?

Grandma, why do you sing no more
the endearing songs of yore?
Why the look? Why the grief?
What has shaken your belief?

Now I see you happy as a rose
At grandpa’s side on the float
with Bruno, Rani, the cats and crows
Looking over us forever and more.


4 Responses to “Quiet Times …”

  1. manchitra said

    Anjan mayi was such a sweet person, very quiet,and was busy all the time. selfless person indeed. Very rarely you come across people like that. My respects to her.You hav expressed it very well

  2. Ramesh said

    Your touching verse is a lovely tribute.

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