Dreamy Nights … And a Poem

June 10, 2009

A couple months ago, we had been to a quaint little place called Peddler’s Village tucked in a cozy spot in Pennsylvania.  What’s so special about the place is that it has an old world charm feel about it. Little antique shops line the cobbled streets, cozy pizza parlors dot every street corner and locals invite you in with a warm heart. When I was here, I felt so comfortable, as though I have lived there for years. We were with our friends (Sumana and Murli) and we were trooping into every little shop there was, laughing, talking 19 to dozen, chewing on the candies that we bought. It is one of those days that you remember for a lifetime. Needless to say we were there till late night. And a beautiful night it was. It was chilly, yes, but the warmth of our friendship kept us comfortable.

Here is a picture I took of that night. Looking back, I am feeling a little poetic. 🙂


Angel of Peace

A lovely girl

in milky white,

Her magic unfurls

on my sight.

Unearthly peace

descends my soul.

Her grace seeps

and makes me whole.

On a beautiful night

she cast her net

Now all my nights

are so blest.

Well I hope you enjoyed the poem ( Any pain caused to poetic sensibilities are deeply regretted. Really! ) I need to make a mention of a superwoman blogger Preeti Shenoy (Click on her name to go to her poetry page) who inspires with her blog as well as with her poems.

And, those who go through the pain of leaving me  comment, A heartfelt Thank You!!

AND,  for those wondering about the “blest” in my poem, it is a 12th century English word which means blessed. Why use an old word – well, its my poetic licence! For more details on blest, click here.


8 Responses to “Dreamy Nights … And a Poem”

  1. Ramesh said

    Lovely poem. Thou are blest indeed with the power of bringing life to words ……..

  2. AJCL said

    nice poem..very well written..

  3. thethoughtfultrain said

    AJCL, Thanks so much!!

  4. chitra said

    wow! what a flourish. your post is really good. feel like visiting Peddler’s village. Beautiful photo. I think the poet in you is going in the right direction. all the best.

  5. Wonderful pic. Nice lines too. Thanks for the mention. My name is spelt Preeti 😛 and I like to think of myself as an author,artist, poet and mom 🙂

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