A Budding Poet?

June 9, 2009

It was March – annual exams were round the corner. My sis (P)  and I were each in our  rooms preparing for the onslaught of questions papers. Well, P wasn’t all that fond of sticking to her books and she would often come around to my room, poking her nose into my stuffs. I would shoo her off and that would piss her like crazy. Well, one day my sis comes around with her 8th grade English textbook in hand. She starts off with her usual litany of bakwas and just as I was getting irritated, she says that shes been writing something. Wanting her to leave me alone as soon as possible, I ask the obvious – what? She says she been writing a poem. I am curious now. I want to see it. Later, she says, when its completely done. I am like okay.

Days are slower now, what with P’s poem nowhere close to being revealed. I am the one in her room all the time now, irritating her to show me her poem. She doesn’t budge until it was March 28th when the last exam just got over. She is like, she is ready. I was so excited. I love the idea of my sister becoming famous like I mentioned here. Here’s what she showed me

The Language of Flowers

There is a language ‘little known,’

Lovers claim it as their own.

Its symbols smile upon the land,

Wrought by nature’s wondrous hand;

And in their silent beauty speak,

Of life and joy, to those who seek.

For Love Divine and sunny hours

In the language of the flowers.

I dint believe it at first. My sis hadnt showed such exemplary work before, so how could it start all of a sudden? But she persisted in convincing me. After a few minutes of taking it all in again, I slowly realized the enormity of it all. I begin to look at the brat of a sister, with new eyes. She is so tiny, she doesn’t appear so deep, yet her poem was profound beyond words. For the next few days, I was floating on cloud 9. Then the dreaded April 1st arrived. Well, as usual I was telling my sister to write other poems too when she dropped me back to earth with a thud. Well, I guess most of you would have guessed it by now – she had been fooling me with a Shelley poem that she saw somewhere. That’s when I realized the heights of her deviousness. The cunning fox had been planning this from February, sown the seeds in March and got her fruit in April! For the next 30 days, not a day would pass without her humiliating me with her April Fool’s prank and I would wish the earth to open up wide to swallow me.

Well, she did meet her match eventually from an unexpected quarter. But thats a story for another day! 😉

PS: I think the God’s werent too pleased with her tricking their favourite angel (that’s moi! 😉 ) They have cursed to be the biggest tubelight in Kochi! 😀


12 Responses to “A Budding Poet?”

  1. Sachin said

    And God said .. “Let there be Light” … Then, it flickered a few times … Then there she was … “P” .. Hee Hee 🙂

  2. balvinder said

    That was lovely and toughtful prank pulled by your sis. I like your honesty in this whole story. waiting for that another day story.

  3. Ramesh said

    Nice one. Very smart sis. Will await the “meeting her match” bit …..

    First time here. Very nice blog. Thanks for blogrolling me. I am unable to return the compliment as I’m in China and they’ve blocked Blogspot and WordPress here. I’m coming through a proxy which doesn’t allow me to blogroll you, but will do so when they lift the blockage.

    Meanwhile will visit and comment …..

  4. Clever little Fox your sis is! I read the poem and was amazed. Then I read the whole post and smiled 🙂

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Preeti ,,, My sis is a fox alright but a big tube light too … Most of her pranks dont work with me now! BTW, thanks for dropping by. I have linked you in my latest post because you inspire me to try poetry.

  5. nissh said

    this is sooo cute……….so both of u r equally cranky nice to know this:)

  6. bloggingmyspot said

    Thts me!!! The clever fox!! Though never believed the tubelight part….

  7. thethoughtfultrain said

    🙂 yes, you are a clever fox and yes you are a TB too ( sad truth)!

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