My Best Doll!

June 7, 2009

I always loved dolls. I was a little girl when my folks told me that I was going to have a real live doll of my own and I was thrilled. Soon enough, my “doll” came. She was just so perfect – round faced, oh so cute and so pink. I was just beside myself with happiness. Today,  my doll turns 26.

Pinky and I at Gramma's

Pinky and I at Gramma's

It was fun growing up with Pinky – she was the exciting part in our family. Cute, charming, gregarious – I think she has the most number of friends in the whole wide world! She was a trouble maker to the core too – given my folks a lot of sleepless nights thanks to her happy-go-lucky-without-a-care-in-the-world attitude. As a child she wanted to be a news reader. I would peep into her room and see her reading her social studies textbook aloud as though she is on TV! Well, she would have been famous, I think. We had a film producer for a neighbour who wanted to cast my sister in one of his movies. Boy, was I proud?? It was I more than her on cloud number nine! I was so miffed with my folks for days when they turned him down.

The Cutest Doll

The Cutest Doll

In our family we have an imaginary book of tales about the kids in the family. The first chapter goes like this:

Lesson Number One: Pinky’s Bun

At the time of this story, Pinky was around 5 years old. She was cute and adorable. Eh, but how do I put this – she was mighty stubborn as well.  One night, Pinky wanted to eat buns. There was a power cut at the time and so mom tried telling her to wait till power comes. Then Pinky started a hullabaloo – so all of us decided it would be better if we get her the buns. So off we went walking, my mom, dad, Pinky, a couple of aunts and I. We got the buns from our favourite Granmps shop. Pinky held the packet of buns. She did not want to walk, so my dad picked her up and we went back. As soon as we got back, Pinks saw her packet had only 1 bun instead of 4. She immediately let out a wail! She was swinging her arm too much and the buns fell out. She was too busy yapping too notice that her buns were falling out. Looking at her plight, we were all rolling on the floor laughing. My aunts still kicks up a laughing riot thinking about this episode. 🙂

The Sister Pair

The Sister Pair

Years have passed with lots of sweet memories, massive fights, quiet times and unsettling times. Over the years, we have taught each other valuable lessons, surprised each other in more ways than one, shared lovely holidays and more. All that was there to know is known to us now. Now we consider each other our fave bedroom slippers – that’s  how comfortable we are! 😉

Us with Rani

Us with Rani

Dear Pinky, Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday!! This is  your birthday presents for now. You ll get the real ones later. 😉

PS: A note of thanks for my dear parents who scanned these old snaps for this post. I asked them at the very last minute and they were so quick to oblige. Thanks a ton!


11 Responses to “My Best Doll!”

  1. Sachin said

    Wishing you a very happy birthday pinks !

  2. manchitra said

    Pinky was a real doll. A Japanese one. No wonder Appappa use to call her Matakuchi.

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Yep … She was my Japanese doll … Pity there wasnt a kimono dress for babies back then, else we would have had another cute photo here.

  3. […] like, she is ready. I was so excited. I love the idea of my sister becoming famous like I mentioned here. Here’s what she showed […]

  4. bloggingmyspot said

    thanx Sachin…. and Kukky for the best bday gift…. 🙂 it really means a lot!!!!

  5. […] away from A’s wedding. She was the doll  who listened to me unlike the doll I mentioned in a previous post. A is 5 years younger than me, she calls me Cookie-akka ( my other doll fondly calls me monkey! ) […]

  6. Jai Ho to your parents who are good with the scanner ……. and the end product delivery (read:attachment option) …..cute pics ….sans the photo shop intrusion.

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      My folks are going to be so happy when they see your comment. They will ask me to thank you, so here it is. Yeah nothing like photos taken on a film roll. Shows people for what they are.

  7. You are welcome….it is not me ..but my wife who had the patience to give my dad the crash course and get him up to “speed”…

  8. thethoughtfultrain said

    Kudos to your wifey and to your dad to be willing to learn! Most elders come up with silly excuses like we are too slow to catch up with technology. 🙂

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