First Love …

June 3, 2009

Innocent, sweet first love. A first love remains in your memory forever and if it was sweet, nothing makes feel you so warm inside, even years later.

Stolen glances

Shy smiles

Chemistry at first sight

Sparks flying at first touch

Tingles all over

Tummy tumbles

Oh first Love !!

Who hasn’t had a first love? It feels oh so good even now if you think about it, doesnt it?  The world seems so soft and full of love. Add to that, all those romantic songs and videos playing in your mind and heart – starring the two of us. My song at the time was

Musu Musu Hasi, Deu Malai Lai
Musu Musu Hasi Deu
Zara Muskura De, Mukura De
Zara Muskura De, Aye Cookie

Yes, I changed Khushi to Cookie ( needless to mention, my petname is Cookie). This is the link to my song. All day you think about him, things he did to impress you, feel that our love is destined to be. My grades started plummeting around this time because my brain had become a mush factory. Besides, the entire class of 11th grade was in love too. Some with the same person! 😉  Just thinking about this, I feel like a school girl all over again. Everything feels so rosy, beautful, fresh, melodious and nothing short of paradise. Yes, nothing like innocent fresh love, stolen glances, shy smiles and tingles all over…. Love is life!! Have a look at the video below to know what I mean

PS – A note to young people who are in the throes of first love – enjoy the feeling, it will be your life’s cherished memory (but dont do anything foolish, first loves should be innocent, else its not magical!)


4 Responses to “First Love …”

  1. Sachin said

    It is magical, empowering and inspiring. The reason that it is all that, is probably due to the fact that you realise for the first time in our life that someone like you, for you being you. Not because you are related in anyway.

    It is also the first baby steps towards you becoming an adult, deciding on what you like or want and taking responsibility for that and finally learning from it.

    For a chocoholic like me, I think of it as swimming in a river of chocolate, you are enjoying whats happening around you, you know you have to keep going (else you will drown) and once you have crossed the river, you will always remember the experience.

    Anyway … Do you agree .. “Too high funda” ? (As some of my friends refer to my philisophy 😀 )

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Wow ..That’s a fantastic logic!! And yes the thrill of first love is in how powerful we feel …. Choci analogy is super cool!!

  2. nissh said

    ding ding …..u made me feel that babes …jus awesum ……:)

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