Udipi Tales!

May 26, 2009

Last night my sweetheart had pain in his leg and so I offered to massage. As I was massaging, Sachin was getting drowsy. When I looked up next, I was quite puzzled to see the fellow chuckling to himself. When I asked whats so funny, he started telling what it was. But to decipher a story being told by a person who is laughing at the same time, it takes patience – trust me!!

Sachin and his folks always visit Udupi for their summer holidays. Sachin, Chethna and their twin cousins (Vikram – Viju) made merry during this time. One of their past times was to make money by pressing Pravin Mam’s leg. Pravin Mam* was then a bachelor and often had a good time with the kids. Anyways, all the kids would press his legs, walk over his back, put talcum powder on him and Pravin mam would continue dozing, enjoying all the fuss made over him. Even putting water over his back wouldn’t get him out of his nirvana. And the kids, quite a rambunctious bunch, they wanted to see what would stir him. One of the devils, thought of a very bright idea. He cleared his throat and made a noise khrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – as though he is going to spit. Pravin mam, fearing a different kind of wet back, immediately jumped to his feet and fled!! It was only later he realized, it was a ploy! 😀 The whole scene reminds me of the way Tom (of Tom and Jerry), reacts to a hammer banging on his thumb!

Anyways, this story may sound really disgusting to some folks, but I hadn’t laughed so hard in a really long long long long time. Even after an hour passed since the retelling, Sachin and I were both giggling. Sachin doesn’t remember who culprit was, but my bets are on Sachin himself!! 🙂

* Mam is the konkani word for maternal uncle


2 Responses to “Udipi Tales!”

  1. savitha said

    All guys do this to their mam or what? I spent a hefty laugh at similar episodes of my husband and his cousins…How they share their mam’s hands and legs(4 of them, each one,in turns) and do the massaging……..And their fighting spree drives him crazy instead of making him sleepy….lol!!

  2. thethoughtfultrain said

    I think your hubby’s mam had little “Dushashans” to tear apart his limbs! LOL … Thanks for commenting Savitha !

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