How do wishes come true?

May 13, 2009

People pray dont they? Especially when they are in a mess! That’s when they make vows, send up offerings and what not. If you back on your life, you might recollect several instances of such times. And now, in the present, you would have passed all those obstacles. Did God grant all the prayers that you asked? I am sure most of you would have some prayers answered and some not. Ever wondered why?

That set me thinking – How do prayers work? Well, I have a crazy theory. Strange as it may be, did calm my curiosity. So here goes my theory:

When I am in a mess, I generally offer prayers to one of the many Gods that we have. Which God I pray depends on the kind of mess that I am in. (I dont want to get into that !! 😉 ) Anyways, lets assume that I have called upon Lord Ganesha and asked him to give me more vacations. (How typical of me 😉 ) Lord Ganesha would take note of my wish. At the next weekly meeting of the Gods, He would present my problem to the other Gods and they would discuss at length whether I deserve the extra vacations, weigh the pros and cons and then cast the vote either in favour of or against. If theres a clear majority in my favour , I would automatically find a lot of opportunities for vacations. If not, no matter what I do, nothing would click for my holiday. Sometimes prayers are answered after a long long time. That is probably because of a tie (equal votes both ways) This is when, more discussions are held and ways to break the tie are sought. And the loop continues …

So what do you think? I would love to hear whatever you may have to say. And yes, I am pretty jobless to think all this up! 😉 Thanks for taking the time to read and humour me. 🙂 Have a great day!!!


6 Responses to “How do wishes come true?”

  1. TasteMaster said

    The way things are going right now.. they would probably set up a high level committee to consider the situation and one of the Gods would be required to furnish a report at the end of 6 months.

  2. Ashwini Shenoy said

    Thanks for the comment Sonu …I am not surprised why we have so many Gods now!! 😀

  3. chitra said

    when we make offerings to god it must be things which he likes. we offer flowers, pooja , fruits etc which is monotonous and boring for him. I think he would be easily pleased & be too happy if the offerings comes in the form of ice creams, ice lollies and chocolates.

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Chitramausi … thanks for writing in … Yes, now if only the temple priests would understand our logic, we can offer ice cream machine tokens for Gods to use (no point giving a ice cream by itself, it would melt !!)

  4. Sachin said

    I agree .. The secret to all this is to pray to a god who goes to a lot of meetings or even better have a god designated for yourself. That way, you pray …Boooooom .. Immediate next meeting your cause is discussed, so now .. We have a method to be heard immediately.

    Now we need to figured out how to get majority of the gods to vote in our favor. So to make that happen, we pray to multiple gods multiple time and please them by doing good and being good. So now …

    Hey wait a minute .. I can’t let you all in on all my secrets … I am outta here !

    • thethoughtfultrain said

      Hee hee … Your comment is way cooler than my post!! Thanks for the spice and all things nice!!

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