Mumbai Attacked, Heroes Lost

December 2, 2008

Hello there .. I have been away, pondering over things, trying to make sense of whats happening in this sweet world of ours. Far far away back in India, Mumbai was under seize by a mere 10 people. Isn’t it so ludicrous to imagine such a mighty city held captive by a mere ten mortals? That’s the power of automatic weapons.

In a crisis, heroes rise to the occasion. Chillingly so. Many superior acts go unnoticed but they are great acts all the same. Some had to pay for acts of bravery with their lives while it costed the same to people who were answering the call of duty. Lets salute these true bravehearts who without sparing a thought for themselves, went on to save the lives of the people who were in danger. Lets hero worship those who stood up to the might of the automatics. Case in point: Tukaram Omble. Responsible for ensuring one live terrorist being caught. Costed him his life though. Omble who faced one of terrorist head on was immediately pummeled with bullets. He acted quickly and held on to the barrel of the gun so that he became a shield to his team. His deed help the police get atleast one terrorist to interrogate. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan died saving an injured colleague. Countless others whose acts helped get Mumbai back to it feet – whoever you are, God bless your hearts. India thanks you.

For a country in mourning over our heroes and victims, the insensitivity of people in power is a rude slap. The thought is always on the general elections. Come on guys, dont you have a heart? We only hear matter of fact statements from the governemnt. Do you really care for the people? What if you werent a Minister? Or a celebrity? A person like me, who is normally too composed most times, couldnt stop the tears. I broke down thinking of all precious lives lost, injured and irrepairable damages caused. We need our government the most at times like these. We need assurances and we need to see those assurances being put in place. Will you, dear Government of India and the Government Servants, promise to take care of your citizens and ensure the safety, happiness and prosperity of your loyal subjects? Will you treat your loyal subjects equally and accord the same kind of security and benefits to them whether they celebrities, ministers or the general public? There are so many questions to ask and we need firm answers. Answers that the general public can believe in.

Once a again, lets spare a thought to all the victims and heroes who either died or are injured. This should not have happened. And we should demand that it should never ever happen. Thank you.


3 Responses to “Mumbai Attacked, Heroes Lost”

  1. Varun said

    I join you in saluting all the sung and unsung heroes (there were many). I just hope and pray that all our questions get answered.

    ‘Dear Government’ – I am amazed that you are still asking the government answers so politely 🙂

  2. Ashwini Shenoy said

    Thanks Varun … Yeah, be nice and firm .. thts my policy 🙂

  3. Varun said

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